Automate, control and trace aerospace parts


Production management system

Software used

Materialise Streamics


Overview of running builds, production database



Materialise Streamics and Materialise Magics, two leading software packages from Materialise, support Avio Aero in manufacturing lightweight titanium blades for jet engine turbines. Materialise Streamics plays a key role in managing the capacity of Additive Manufacturing machines, including different machine types and technologies, and offers Avio Aero the necessary automation, control and traceability required to produce regulated aviation parts. Materialise Streamics is fully integrated with Materialise Magics, essential to Avio Aero to optimally and efficiently prepare builds for the different AM machines.

Watch the video and discover Avio Aero’s Additive Manufacturing plant in Cameri (Novara - Italy), the technologies (DMLS and EBM), the special powders produced and the software in use.

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