Could you be our next
Project Engineer?

Are you creative and analytical, with a passion for problem-solving? Do you have a background in engineering? Are you passionate about 3D printing? Then you might be the Project Engineer that we are looking for! 

Project Engineers play a vital role at Materialise, being the link between us and our clients. They work at the central point of coordination where our projects come to life! By maintaining close contact with both internal and external stakeholders, and ensuring different departments work together for the best possible result, Project Engineers hold the key to our success. 

What does a day in the life of a Project Engineer look like?

Project Engineers are the bridge between Materialise and its customers, which represent industries as diverse as aerospace, consumer goods and healthcare. Project Engineers create the planning of a 3D printing project and are in charge of the entire production process, from the moment an order is placed to the moment it’s shipped. They are involved in the product development, in alignment with the R&D and process engineering departments. They follow up projects closely to ensure they move forward as planned, and maintain communications with the customer throughout the process.

Always in the driver’s seat, Project Engineers are natural communicators, planners and problem-solvers who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Meet our Project Engineers:

Adriaan Van Eetvelde
Project Engineer for Aerospace

“I like working as a project engineer at Materialise, because every 3D printing project is different from the last one. This makes our job very challenging and engaging. In the constantly changing and dynamic sector that 3D printing is, you keep being inspired to deliver the best results. As a project engineer for Aerospace at Materialise, it really feels like you are building the future”

Kevin Sterckx
Project Engineer for Certified Manufacturing

“What I like the most in my job as project engineer is to have a central role in the development of new projects by being in contact on the one hand with the customers and on the other hand with the sales, production and engineering teams. That requires efficient communication and helps me build a network both inside and outside the company.”

Paula Roman
Project Engineer for Eyewear

“Working as a Project Engineer at Materialise, every day is different: which makes me very happy. Above all, I have to be like a command center for my projects.”

Does this look like your dream job?

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