Could you be our next
Clinical Engineer?

Do you have a passion for innovative healthcare techniques? Do you want to work in a dynamic environment? Are you analytical, well-organized, and customer-focused?

Then you might be the person we are looking for!

What does a Clinical Engineer do?

As a clinical engineer, you are the primary contact for surgeons throughout the case and after delivery of the surgical kit.

This involves building up and maintaining close working relationships with surgeons and medical professionals and occasionally attending surgeries and commercial activities.

More specifically, after receiving medical scans, you will work together with our conversion engineers to design an appropriate personalized guide, model, and/or implant based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Based on this, you will assist the surgeon during a virtual planning session to visualize and understand the patient’s anatomy and plan the required steps on the digital model. 

“You face challenges every day, but they make you learn and grow, and this makes it easy for me to stay motivated. The job also has very strict deadlines, but being involved in the whole process, from the planning until the guide is printed, is very rewarding.”
- Jorn Witters, Clinical Engineer


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Jorn Witters

Meet our Clinical Engineers:

Sophie Deckx

"Being a clinical engineer is gratifying because you’re not only working as an engineer, but you’re working in the medical field where you’re directly impacting patients’ lives. Working together with different surgeons from different countries, coordinating cases with the teams of design engineers and with the production facility, and making sure the best possible personalized solution is delivered in time for each case makes it a challenging and dynamic job. And nothing is more rewarding than receiving the surgeon’s positive feedback after a surgery!"

Maria Osorio

“As a clinical engineer, I have the opportunity to help doctors plan very complicated surgeries and I am challenged to analyze and give engineering ideas to solve the clinical challenges. With and surgeons and internal teams, we work together to transfer the surgical plan into 3D-printed guides, models, and implants. What keeps me so motivated is knowing that we are changing people's lives. Behind each case there is a story of a person, a family, or friends who we are directly or indirectly helping. Because of this, I have the feeling that I am doing something valuable in this world.”

Magali Minet

"Being part of the Materialise family has been a fun journey so far. I joined the company via the Future Innovators Day, where I felt Materialise’s thriving and innovative atmosphere immediately. This proved to be an inspiring day, in which I was challenged to get the best out of myself. I then started as a clinical engineer, which enables me to combine my soft skills with my passion for technology and keeps me thinking out of the box on a daily basis. Making sure you make the world a little nicer by putting a smile on a patient’s face is what motivates me to keep on doing what I do!"

Does this look like your dream job?

We need Clinical Engineers all over the world — so check out our vacancies and start applying!

Check our vacancies and start applying