Avular Customizes Drones via Materialise’s On-Demand Manufacturing, Empowered by HP Digital Manufacturing Network

Madeleine Fiello
February 21, 2020

Mobile robot company Avular opts for Materialise’s OnSite to order customized end-use parts as needed. Along with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, Materialise provides Avular with the quality and flexibility that they require.

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The Future Is…a Smart Factory

Nele Motmans
February 13, 2020

30 years in the making, 3D printing is no longer just a prototyping technology. The development of smart production systems has caused a fundamental change in manufacturing, with systems that now allow for more flexible, automated operations and cost-effective manufacturing of end-use consumer products.

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People-Centric Initiatives Earn Materialise Top Employer Recognition

Madeleine Fiello
February 06, 2020

Thanks to the adoption of various people-centric initiatives, Materialise earned a Top Employer Belgium certification for 2020. As we continue to grow and reach our 30th anniversary, this recognition acknowledges the success found in the people practices and employee conditions implemented within the organization.

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When Going Lean Means Changing Lives, Personalization Is the Key to Better Care

Brigitte de Vet
January 30, 2020

The advantages offered by surgical planning tools and personalized guides and implants are applicable to a vast variety of surgical treatments. Some of these benefits have already been raised by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) program in the UK.

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The Top 5 Takeaways from Our Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing

Madeleine Fiello
January 21, 2020

As a writer who recently joined Materialise with no prior experience in 3D printing, I was curious to join the Masterclass in Metal AM. I had heard talk of the specific processes that Metal AM called for, such as heat treatments and melt pools, and I was ready to learn more about what working with Metal 3D Printing is like. I joined a diverse group of participants from various backgrounds to discover firsthand how the Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing benefits attendees. 

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AR, VR, and 3D Printing Bridge the Gap between Radiology and Surgery at UCSF

Todd Pietila
January 15, 2020

3D technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing provide doctors with more information than they can see with 3D images on 2D displays, making the tools valuable in surgical planning at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

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A Day in the Life of a Materialise Project Engineer

Aura Farrando
January 10, 2020

Problem-solving, together with her team, is both the key motivation as well as the challenge for Paula Roman. This Project Engineer at Materialise Manufacturing is passionate about 3D printing and has a resolute can-do attitude towards her job, two great ingredients for this role. 

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Personalized Medical Device Design Workflow

Sjoerd Kolk
January 06, 2020

When it comes to designing personalized medical devices such as hip implants, cranial plates, or surgical guides, the possibilities offered by 3D printing are virtually limitless. In practice, designing a personalized device is easier said than done.

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Encouraging Internal Mobility: A Look at the Development of Four Employees’ Careers

Madeleine Fiello
December 17, 2019

Internal mobility is highly encouraged at Materialise. We took a look at the stories of four employees’ career paths to discover how they sought new opportunities, their advice for colleagues looking to do the same, and internal mobility resources provided by HR.

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3D Personalized Predictions for Congenital Heart Disease Patients Wins Mimics Innovation Award

Beatriz Dominguez Gonzalez
December 13, 2019

Non-invasive, accurate and personalized prognosis methods may be making their way into the medical world faster than we think.

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