Mitt Brings Prosthetics within Reach Thanks to 3D Printing

Ksenia Oreshkova
October 15, 2020

UK start-up Mitt is asking us to reconceptualize the idea of what limb replacement really means. By putting function alongside form and leveraging the freedom of design that 3D printing offers, they’ve created a prosthetic arm that is functional, customizable, comfortable and, most importantly, accessible. And it’s this approach that saw them crowned Disrupter of the Year at this year’s London Business Awards.

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How to Start and Scale up a Point-of-Care 3D Printing Lab

Elizabeth Boorman
October 14, 2020

Point-of-Care 3D Printing has many benefits, from quick turnaround time during pandemics to clinical quality to research and innovation. Discover what experts who have set up these in-house medical services have to say on how to start or scale up 3D planning and printing in hospitals. 

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How to Minimize Waste and Reduce Costs with Optimized 3D Nesting

Madeleine Fiello
October 05, 2020

Nesting parts to be 3D printed in an optimal way provides many advantages, most of which enable a major industry goal —waste minimization. Find out our top 4 ways that nesting with the Magics Sinter Module reduces waste.

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5 Data-Driven Ways that Machine Monitoring Advances AM Facilities

Madeleine Fiello
October 02, 2020

Machine monitoring will bring more data into AM users’ hands than ever before. Thanks to our initiative with other industry leaders, we’re bringing this technology to the masses to help advance production in 3D print factories. In this blog, we touch on the top five advantages of machine monitoring in AM facilities.

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30 Years of Innovation: Bringing 3D Printing’s Benefits to Metal

Madeleine Fiello
October 01, 2020

We’re celebrating Materialise’s 30th anniversary this October by looking into Metal 3D Printing technology and how it’s evolved at Materialise over the years. Learn more about our alloys, Metal Competence Center, and initiatives to make Metal AM the technology of choice for tomorrow. 

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3D Printing Acoustic Panels - TU Delft and Materialise

Madeleine Fiello
September 18, 2020

As multi-use spaces grow in popularity, the architecture department at TU Delft decided to work towards a solution to the bothersome noise frequencies that often accompany these areas. Discover how they teamed up with Materialise to build 3D-printed acoustics panels. 

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Baobab Express Attains B-Corp Status — A First in West Africa!

Andrea Rees
September 17, 2020

Baobab Express, an enterprise launched in 2014 to create a safe, low-cost, and dependable method of transportation for the inhabitants of Benin, has become the first company in West Africa to receive the prestigious B Corporation certification!

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Top Reasons to 3D Print with Polypropylene | Materialise

Madeleine Fiello, Jana Obermueller
September 15, 2020

We introduced polypropylene (PP), a commonly used plastic in manufacturing, to our 3D printing material lineup in 2018. Find out how incorporating this flexible-yet-tough material into your production leads to major benefits. 

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The Future Is…Collaboration

Nele Motmans
September 10, 2020

In February 2019, Materialise was recognized as a Factory of the Future, but we didn’t get here alone. Collaboration is at the core of everything we do, and we even take it a step further with co-creation: truly pushing the limits to overcome challenges together. Our devotion to working closely with others is clear with the launch of our advisory service, Mindware.

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3 Reasons Why Optimized Nesting Is Essential — and How to Achieve It

Madeleine Fiello
September 03, 2020

When it comes to printing SLS and MJF parts, creating an optimized build platform is crucial, and AM software can have a big hand in helping operators do so. Discover why nesting parts as quickly and effectively as possible is essential and how you can achieve it in your production. 

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