What Could Possibly Go Wrong? How AM Can Reduce Risk in Your Manufacturing Set-Up

Mathieu Cornelis
November 29, 2021

As a manufacturer, you frequently encounter risks to your production, but AM can be the hero. Discover how the technology enabled CNH Industrial to avoid risks linked to COVID-19 that could have resulted in losses of €189,000. 

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Finding the Sweet Spot by Designing for Additive Manufacturing

Clara Nguyen
November 25, 2021

Materialise engineers used their AM knowledge to efficiently transform an essential piece for marshmallow design - the nozzle - into something customized.

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How 3D Printing Made a Fullsize Model Airplane from World War II

Meadhbh Hand
November 24, 2021

To create a fullsize representation of a 1930s airplane, VLM turned to Materialise to 3D print and assemble the ghostlike model. The resulting centerpiece for an open air museum is elegant but robust enough to withstand winds of up to 100km/h.   

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4x More Efficient: How Mindware Experts Helped Scale 3D-Printed phits Orthotics

Kristel Van den Bergh
November 23, 2021

When the team behind phits was faced with growing demand, they needed to find a way to boost their productivity. That’s where our Mindware experts stepped in, using extensive AM knowledge to optimize their workflow and quadruple machine productivity. 

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Lighting the Way: 3D-Printed Components Transform the Efficiency and Productivity of Signify’s Lightbulb Assembly Line

Derek Welbeck
November 09, 2021

Signify came to us for guidance on how to improve some components prone to persistent part failure. Thanks to 3D printing and our expertise, we co-engineered two parts that have not failed a single time in four years — providing huge operational savings. Want to know the secret? Read our blog detailing how co-creation, innovation, and application combined to create the perfect 3D part for Signify’s lightbulb assembly line. 

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Maggie Shelters: Where Sustainability, Social Justice, and 3D Printing Meet

Cecilia Koshiikene
November 04, 2021

The Maggie Program is a non-profit organization that gives refugees access to reliable shelters for education, healthcare, and more. Learn how we support them in this journey by 3D printing connectors with innovative materials.

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How Knee Guides Can Maximize Surgical Efficiency in Ambulatory Centers

Nele Daemen
October 27, 2021

Personalized knee guides hold the potential to reduce costs and treat more patients at an ambulatory center in a single day without additionally burdening the hospital’s staff. 

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Meet the Users of Materialise Magics: SOLIZE

Jonathan Cooper, Gakuto Ochi
October 20, 2021

Since 1990, Tokyo-based engineering company SOLIZE has supported product development from design and prototyping to production readiness. To learn more about Materialise's role in SOLIZE's AM business, we spoke to Head of AM System Sales Yoshihiro Nomura and Head of AM Service Bureau Tohru Ota.

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Knee Guides Precisely Execute Personalized TKA Alignment

Nele Daemen
October 01, 2021

Improving TKA procedures for patients: how personalized knee guides offer the required precision to execute any alignment philosophy while being a cost-effective and easily accessible technology.  

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How Automation Helped FEops Accelerate Structural Heart Planning

Karen De Leener, Jonathan Cooper
September 29, 2021

FEops has grown from a small academic spin-off to an internationally recognized team of almost 40, with its latest CE-marked structural heart planning service available in the EU, UK, Canada, and Australia. But such growth does not come without its challenges. We spoke with co-founder and CTO Peter Mortier to learn how the FEops team used automated tools within the Mimics Innovation Suite to meet these challenges.

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