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An Integrated and Accessible Future for 3D Printing in Hospitals

Pieter Slagmolen
April 11, 2018

3D Printing has come a long way since the inception of the technology. It has gone from being used almost uniquely for prototypes in industrial environments, to enabling the creation of highly complex, customized medical devices that help physicians provide their patients with better treatment options and a higher level of care.

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Benin Summer School 2017: Electric Motorcycles, Healthy Eating and Solar Power

Stephanie Benoit
October 27, 2017

Every year two of our employees volunteer to head the Benin Summer School, a social initiative organized by Materialise and Belgian charity Hubi & Vinciane. This year Matthias Floru and Christoph Hamacher had the honor of handing over university scholarships to Loth Chabi, Moussibaou Babatounde and Narcisse Koudjangnihoue!

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