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Setting Sail for the Seven Provinces: Materialise 3D Prints a Ship Replica

Stephanie Benoit
May 25, 2016

Rotterdam-based design studio, & designshop, received a unique request. Founded by Elwin and Nynke van der Hoek, the design studio and shop was tasked with recreating the magnificent Seven Provinces galleon, a 17th century warship anchored in the Rotterdam harbor, on a scale that would just about fit in an office lobby. But building scale replicas of ships is a long, labor-intensive project, and doing so by hand can take up to a year and a half — whereas they had only seven months. The answer? 3D Printing! The result is this magnificent 1.5-meter-long model, designed by & designshop and printed at Materialise. Meet the Seven Provinces, and its 3D-printed scale replica.

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