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Corrective Osteotomy Restores an Oslo Teen's Mobility

Fredrik Sporrong
November 18, 2016

Dr. Ola Wiig, an experienced pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, was confronted with a very challenging deformity in a young teenager. Dr Wiig’s patient was suffering from severely reduced mobility as a result of an epiphysiolysis in her proximal femur, which caused her leg to be severely rotated outwards. This wasn’t just causing the patient pain, it was stopping her from being a normal teenager.

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Mayo Clinic Helps 11-Year-Old with Blount’s Disease by Using 3D Printing

Stephanie Benoit
June 21, 2016

For 11-year-old Amarachi Austin-Okoh, running, jumping and even walking was a struggle. She suffered from a condition called Blount’s Disease, where the tibia, or shin bone, doesn’t grow properly, causing the legs to develop a bow shape. The disease had progressed so far in Amarachi’s case that even walking caused her great pain, and she explained that “It was very painful and hard, and, then, if people were walking a distance or something, I would start walking slower and slower, because it got harder and harder.”

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