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Planning Tibial & Femoral Osteotomy in 2D & 3D

Anna Young
September 28, 2016

Both high tibial osteotomy (HTO) and distal femoral osteotomy (DFO) procedures aren’t always straightforward and may require an alternative method to be adopted when planning for surgery. Innovative software and services are available to simplify the planning process and increase predictability of the surgical outcome.

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Simulating Surgical Procedures to Analyze Closing-Wedge versus Opening-Wedge Osteotomy

Stephanie Benoit
May 12, 2016

For patients with early stages of osteoarthritis, high tibial osteotomy (HTO) can be a useful treatment option. In the closing-wedge version of this operation, a wedge of bone is cut out of the lateral side of the tibia, whereas with the opening-wedge osteotomy, a bone graft is inserted in a cut made on the medial side. Both realign the knee and relieve pressure from the joint. The closing-wedge technique is more common, but recently, the opening-wedge osteotomy has become more popular since it is less invasive and possibly results in less deformity of the proximal tibia.

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