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How do you really go large with 3D Printing? An entire Mammoth skeleton!

Gertjan Brienen
October 16, 2018

Create a 3D-printed replica of an elephant-sized woolly mammoth skeleton? Even with the wide variety of challenges we’re fortunate to experience at Materialise, projects like this don’t come along every day. Project Engineer Gertjan Brienen managed the team that made this fascinating technical exercise a success. In this guest post, he tells us how it tested all our capabilities, from design engineering to our own giant Mammoth printers.

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A Tale of Two Mammoths: Paleontologist Mietje Germonpré on 3D Printing a Mammoth

Stephanie Benoit
July 30, 2018

We sat down with Mietje Germonpré, a paleontologist at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels who is specialized in mammals from the Ice Age, to get her insight on the Mammoth of Lier and how 3D Printing is breathing new life into its age-old remains.

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Shark Fossil 3D Reconstruction Reveals Breakthrough Jaw Evolution Insights

Sandrine Debecker
July 14, 2016

A new study led by scientists at the American Museum of Natural History shows that living sharks are actually quite advanced in evolutionary terms, despite having retained their basic “sharkiness” over millions of years. This new study is based on an extremely well-preserved shark fossil named Ozarcus mapesae and a 3D reconstruction of it. The research was published in the journal Nature.

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Investigating a 435,000-Year-Old Murder with 3D Analysis

Liesbeth Kemel
July 06, 2016

It seems that murder has been around for a long time. Researchers at the Centro Mixto UCM-ISCIII de Evolución y Comportamiento Humanos in Spain have investigated the earliest evidence of lethal interpersonal violence in the hominin fossil record with the help of 3D analysis. The interesting findings shed a light on human social relations over 435.000 years ago.

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Bringing Prehistoric Trilobite Fossils to Life with 3D Printing

Stephanie Benoit
June 22, 2016

Dr. Gianpaolo Di Silvestro is the passionate paleontologist and CEO behind Italian company, Trilobite Design Italia. He is a specialist in trilobites, a fossil group of extinct marine arthropods, and his company sells original and model replicas of these fascinating creatures to collectors, institutions and museums around the world.

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Behind the Scenes: The Workflow of the Engineer Who Recreated Ötzi in 3D

Stephanie Benoit
February 25, 2016

After years of lobbying, the DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, finally gained permission to recreate the world’s only 3D copy of Ötzi, the mummified ‘Iceman’ discovered in the Tyrolean Alps by a pair of hikers in 1991. Renowned paleo artist Gary Staab reached out to Materialise to make the project a reality, and worked closely with Eric Renteria, our very own application engineer. Here is a detailed report of how he recreated a life-sized model of the world-famous Iceman.

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