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Encouraging Internal Mobility: A Look at the Development of Four Employees’ Careers

Madeleine Fiello
December 17, 2019

Internal mobility is highly encouraged at Materialise. We took a look at the stories of four employees’ career paths to discover how they sought new opportunities, their advice for colleagues looking to do the same, and internal mobility resources provided by HR.

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From Design to Prototype in 24 Hours: Lemon Companies on Why They Choose Materialise NextDay

Stephanie Benoit
June 19, 2018

When you’re running a start-up, speed is often a key part in providing your customers with a good experience. Not only does it give you a competitive advantage, it enables you to react quickly to customer demands and get to the best version of the product together. We interviewed Filip Smet, the CEO of Lemon Companies to get his unique insight on why 3D Printing – and speedy deliveries – are so crucial for Lemon’s projects.

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EOS Strives to Change the Mindset of Engineers

Kirsten Van Praet
January 23, 2018

Materialise interviews Dr. Adrian Keppler, the CEO of EOS, about what is necessary to make 3D Printing more successful in the future. It’s all about creating an additive mindset. Watch the leadership talk interview.

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HP Interview: “Openness and Collaboration Is Key to the Growth of the 3D Printing Industry”

Kirsten Van Praet
November 22, 2017

Ms. Virginia Palacios, Director of Strategic Customer Engagement in the 3DP Business at HP, shares the key advantages of their multi fusion technology, how the industry can grow, what barriers we need to overcome together to transform the $12 trillion manufacturing industry and to change how the world designs and manufactures.

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