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Innovation Driving the Future: A First Multicolored Voxel Part

Kirsten Van Praet
June 08, 2017

Materialise and HP are exploring the possibilities of voxel technology to produce parts that have different properties on a volume-level. Together we created a voxel-printed part that visualizes the stresses that would impact a metal part. The 3D model was printed at HP’s R&D facility and sets a first example for the industry.

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Our 5 Most Read Blog Posts of 2016 to Inspire You

Stephanie Benoit
February 06, 2017

What did 2016 look like for Materialise Medical? Our blog covered our most interesting projects, stories and updates, which covered everything from 3D-printed implants to saving the lives of newborn babies! We’ve taken a look at the favorite blog posts of our readers and here are the results.

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Mimics Helps Investigate Middle Pleistocene Murder

Radhika Dhuru
September 29, 2015

How ancient is the act of murder? Thanks to a recently-discovered skull in Spain, we know it’s at least 430,000 years old. Materialise software Mimics Innovation Suite, used by researchers at the Centro Mixto UCM-ISCIII de Evolución y Comportamiento Humanos, is helping uncover one of the oldest crime mysteries in human history: what killed the young adult now known to us as specimen Cr-17?

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The Mimics Innovation Suite Is Helping Researchers Study Hagfish Slime!

Radhika Dhuru
September 21, 2015

Ever been fascinated by hagfish slime? No? You should be. This extraordinary goop can leave aquatic predators fumbling to detach themselves while the slippery hagfish makes a getaway, and also contains protein threads of remarkable strength comparable to that of spider silks. With those material properties, the substance could help develop a sustainable resource that could save our ecosystem: and our software program Mimics is helping researchers find out how the humble hagfish produces such a super-material on short notice.

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The Truth about Vesalius: Professor Daniel Garrison Separates Fact from Fiction

Liesbeth Kemel
September 11, 2014

Andreas Vesalius is often referred to as the “father of anatomical research”. But what did he do to deserve this title?

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