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How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Jana Obermueller
August 08, 2019

The GE9X, the largest jet engine in the world developed for Boeing’s next-generation 777X jets, took its maiden flight on the GE flying testbed in March 2018. Discover how its crucial 3D-printed turbine parts were created using Materialise software solutions, and how these same solutions can power certified series manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

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Restoring a Historic Warplane Cockpit with 3D Printing

Stephanie Benoit
July 01, 2016
Dr. Christoph Vernaleken is a German physicist with a doctorate in engineering, and he has been fascinated by airplanes his whole life. He is particularly passionate about historic warplanes, after his father took him to visit the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the world’s largest museum of science and technology. Although his interest for airplanes has been in evidence throughout his career – Dr. Vernaleken worked in aviation safety and flight deck research at TU Darmstadt, before joining Airbus Defense and Space in 2008 – his passion project for the last 23 years has been recreating the cockpit of the rare Junkers Ju 388 L warplane. Read more