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Material Monday: 3D-Printed Ceramics. What they Are, How they Work, and Recent Innovations

Elizabeth Boorman
August 25, 2014

Ceramics have a long and beautiful history in the world of art. From delicate Paleolithic Venus figurines to glossy dinner plates to 3D-printed coffee cups, ceramics have come a long way since 24,000 BC: consumers can mass-produce quality ceramic 3D prints. Given the long history of ceramics as a premium material that is as functional as it is ornamental, and as strong as it is delicate, the very idea of 3D-printed ceramics conjures up frenzied questions about this material’s future: Is it food safe? Durable? Recyclable? Allergy-triggering? Cheap? High detail? Can you store hot liquid in it? This article intends to answer some of the most pressing questions about 3D-printed ceramics, and to mark the innovations in store for this 3D-printed material. Read on!

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