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The Top 5 Takeaways from Our Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing

Madeleine Fiello
January 21, 2020

As a writer who recently joined Materialise with no prior experience in 3D printing, I was curious to join the Masterclass in Metal AM. I had heard talk of the specific processes that Metal AM called for, such as heat treatments and melt pools, and I was ready to learn more about what working with Metal 3D Printing is like. I joined a diverse group of participants from various backgrounds to discover firsthand how the Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing benefits attendees. 

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What Can You Do with 3D Printing in Hospitals?

Felix Doerr
March 25, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend a Materialise seminar about 3D Printing in hospitals near Munich. Drawing a crowd from various medical disciplines, including radiologists, cardiovascular and cranio-maxillofacial surgeons, hospital management, researchers, professors, and so on, the beautiful location with an amazing view over the Starnberger Lake helped make people feel at ease.

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What's Possible in 3D Printing Today? The 3D Printing Seminar in the UK Answers

Elizabeth Boorman
May 23, 2014

On Tuesday May 20th, I had the opportunity to accompany two colleagues from our headquarters to the 3D Printing Seminar in Coventry, UK, hosted by our colleagues from the Materialise UK office. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the event, but what I learned in the end was that the system manufacturers want to focus on what is possible today. I put an emphasis on today because there is a lot of speculation of what 3D Printing may bring in the future, say for example 20 years down the line, but this seminar really focused on what is now possible with 3D Printing.

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