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Point-of-Care 3D Printing Improves Patient Outcomes at Nemours

Todd Pietila
November 18, 2019

Easily collaborating between teams across the hospital system, better surgical results and achieving true informed consent with patients are just three reasons why Nemours Children’s Hospital uses an in-house 3D printing service.

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China Needs to Embrace 3D Printing to Remain the Factory of the World

Stefaan Motte
November 11, 2019

Chinese manufacturers believe 3D printing is necessary for the country to keep its status as the ‘factory of the world’. Yet, few are ready to implement it into their production lines. This is according to a recent survey that Materialise conducted among Chinese manufacturing companies to gain insight into their attitudes and interest in the technology.

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UMC Utrecht Is on Forefront of Innovation with Point-of-Care 3D Lab

Todd Pietila
October 24, 2019

Why does the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht in the Netherlands invest in the latest 3D technologies for their craniomaxillofacial (CMF) practice? To bridge the gap between research and the clinic and provide cutting-edge care by delivering 3D planning, 3D design of guides and models, technical support to surgeons, and technical information to patients all in one place.

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Korean Architect Se Yoon Park Designs Stunning 3D Printed Trees for His Art Installation

Fabian Backer
April 18, 2019

Armed with the knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D printing, a background in architecture, and the will to liberate his creative mind, Korean designer Se Yoon Park has created a stunning art installation made up of 3D-printed trees. His work imitates the organic structure of trees and consists of many small geometric elements. Dive into the world of “Light, Darkness, and the Tree”.

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How to Reduce Data Prep Time of Metal Support Structure by 90%?

Kirsten Van Praet
July 20, 2018

As the metal AM industry grows and 3D printed components become increasingly complex, so does the need to integrate automated processes. It takes a lot of time to create support structures that anchor the part sufficiently and prevent warpage, but which are at the same time easy to remove. Especially parts with a complex geometry need to be prepared very thoroughly as each surface that lacks sufficient support may cause defects in the part or even build crashes.

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First Impressions of Materialise e-Stage for Metal: An Interview with Process Engineer Hannes Brenning

Kirsten Van Praet
November 14, 2017

Materialise e-Stage for Metal is the only software in the world that automates support generation for titanium, stainless steel and aluminum parts. Hannes Brenning, Process Engineer at our metal competence center in Bremen, Germany, was one of the first to try out this revolutionary software. 

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Patient Suffering from Gunshot Wound Gets 3D-Printed Shoulder Implant, and Her Mobility Back

Joyce Van den Broeck
September 18, 2017

Just over two years ago, Nathalie Dufaut Danjon was shot by a man with a hunting rifle. The bullet entered her shoulder joint through the front and exited through her shoulder blade. Her shoulder's bony anatomy was destroyed, though the nerves were not affected.

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3D Print Start-Up Toyze Secures a Major Backer and Explains Its Ambitious Growth Plan

Elizabeth Boorman
August 01, 2014

Om Nom, Toss, Roto, Boo, Blue and Lick are mobile game characters with millions of fans around the world — and the start of an adventure for one 3D print business. Toyze is an app where users can create, customize, and order 3D printed figurines of popular mobile game characters (including the cast of Zeptolab's beloved Cut the Rope series.) The app has already garnered praise by major publications such as VentureBeat,, and Yahoo Finance. How'd they do all that in under a year?

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