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Stimulating Young Entrepreneurs at the Benin Summer School 2016

Stephanie Benoit
September 01, 2016

Started in 2012, the Benin Summer School is one of the social initiatives started up by Materialise. Located in Papané, Benin, the idea behind the program is to select the three best students of the region – and then support these students financially throughout their university studies. The goal is to stimulate the local economy by giving its brightest young citizens the tools to build up useful businesses that last. We work together with a local NGO, Hubi and Vinciane, who helps the two volunteers from Materialise work with the students for two weeks on a project they need to develop and present in order to get selected as part of the final three. Meet Jonas and Dorina, who volunteered to teach the summer school this year.

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Benin Summer School Week 1, Part 2: Get to Know Some Projects

Elizabeth Boorman
September 04, 2014

Now that you've read our previous blog post and learned about the Benin Summer School and how the 8 students in the summer school were selected, here’s a bit more information on some of the projects a few of the students are working on.

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