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AI Cuts Number of Changes to Knee Surgery Planning by 50%

Adriaan Lambrechts
July 03, 2019

Surgeons would need to make 50% fewer changes to AI-based pre-operative plans compared to current ones. This is according to a research project we conducted here at Materialise with Dr. Raf De Vloo, an orthopedic surgeon at AZ Klina in Belgium, in which we applied AI-based planning to 193 cases. This technology learns an individual doctor’s preferences for surgical approaches and, based on those, provides higher-quality pre-operative plans.

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The Business Case that Started a 3D Lab

Marta Sambaer
February 26, 2018

The North Manchester General Hospital in the UK is building a name for itself with its newly established 3D printing lab. His business case proved to be a very obvious path towards integrating a 3D lab in the hospital. Here’s how he built his case and how his success story developed.

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How Pre-Operative Templating Could Have Prevented Trendelenburg Gait

Clare Satterly
April 26, 2017

How pre-operative templating would have permitted the identification of a more appropriate offset and avoided an extreme case of Trendelenburg Gait.

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Using a Digital Preoperative Plan to Manage Patient Expectations of Joint Replacement Surgery

Clare Satterly
April 14, 2017

Patient satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any orthopaedic surgeon performing a lower limb joint replacement. When the patient is shown to be satisfied with the results of their hip or knee arthroplasty; increased mobility, reduction in pain and consequent improvements in their quality of life, the surgeon can be satisfied that they have improved the life of their patient.

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Medical 3D Lab in Action: Clear Benefits after Just One Year

Stella Pahinis
March 28, 2017

The Children’s Memorial Health Institute is one of the largest specialist pediatric hospitals in Poland. Their medical team takes on highly rare and difficult cases of congenital heart disease, and innovative technologies are essential in solving these challenging cases.

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Accuracy, Ease of Use and PACS Compatibility: Choosing the Right Orthopaedic Surgical Planning and Templating Solution

Clare Satterly
March 02, 2017

The ultimate objective for an orthopaedic surgeon must be to achieve optimum mobility and a pain-free life for their patient. Pre-operative planning plays a crucial role in achieving optimal outcomes, providing an intra-operative guide for the surgeon to, for example, check resection levels and alignment, as well as the size and position of the implant.

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8 Considerations when Planning for Orthopaedic Surgery

Anna Young
September 13, 2016

From x-ray-based pre-operative planning and templating software to patient-specific solutions which employ 3D technologies, orthopaedic surgeons have access to an array of software and services to assist them when planning for successful surgical outcomes.

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3D Technology Enables Partial Knee Replacement for the First Time in a Bucovina Shepherd

Stephanie Benoit
June 12, 2016

Dr. Matthew Allen, Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Cambridge, was faced with a challenging case when he encountered Bella, a Romanian Bucovina shepherd dog. Bella was plagued by severe mobility problems, and her owner was initially referred to Dr. Allen to assess the feasibility of a knee replacement. However, due to the aggressive nature of a total knee replacement and the fact that the bone of Bella’s knee joint was only partly damaged, Dr. Allen tried to come up with a different approach.

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Lessons from Our Latest Webinar: Solutions for Complex Hip Surgery

Anna Young
March 14, 2016

Both surgical planning and medical 3D Printing are providing surgeons with more options for the surgical treatment of hip patients. With complex hip revision surgery in mind, we recently organized a webinar to present the range of planning and patient-specific surgical solutions offered by Materialise. These include X-ray based planning, 3D-printed anatomical models, and patient-specific surgical guides and implants. We also refer to this as the Materialise Hip Continuum.

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3 Things to Watch Out for at this Year’s Biggest Orthopaedic Event

Kim Francois
February 29, 2016

As March begins, you’ll find the Materialise Medical team on their way to Florida for the biggest annual orthopaedic event in the world, which brings together surgeons, healthcare professionals, and researchers. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a world where innovation is constant and the improvement of lives is a daily mission.

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