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Materialise and Stratasys Present a Colorful, Multi-Textured Telescope

Kirsten Van Praet
September 04, 2015
Astronomy aficionados know that the diameter and mount are important features of a telescope, but what about its appearance? Have you always dreamed about a personalized design for your telescope? Maybe a pink telescope with a flower texture or a green one with a colourful gradient sharkskin texture? Rejoice, for the era of 3D Printing is also the era of customization! Read more

Mazda Presents 3D-Printed Trophy to Antti Junkkari to “Make Things Better”

Elizabeth Boorman
March 14, 2014

How can you use the tools of modern advocacy to challenge convention to make things better? Antti Junkkari, a 23-year-old neurosurgery student from Finland, began with this question and ended with a proposal on how to help fight small arms violence in Africa.

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