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Materialise Helps Drive Agoria Solar Team through the Outback

Madeleine Fiello
October 11, 2019

Imagine this: the sunny Australian outback, thousands of kilometers of road ahead of you, and over a year’s worth of your team’s hard work pushing you along toward the finish line.

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Vehicle Development, Simplified: The RapidFit Smart Cube

Radhika Dhuru
January 31, 2018

If you’re an automotive quality inspection engineer, chances are you’ve resigned yourself to a dizzying array of fixtures, development bucks and cubes to guide you through the vehicle development process. Clay models and surface release models for styling, prototype assembly bucks and blue bucks for engineering, fixtures for quality control — does that sound like your average toolkit? RapidFit has a radical solution. You can replace all those tools and fixtures with one: the RapidFit Smart Cube. Filip Dehing, RapidFit Managing Director, explains how that works.

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World’s Fastest Electric Racecar Breaks Record at Zandvoort by 16 Seconds

Stephanie Benoit
June 27, 2017

The passionate students behind InMotion have an ambitious goal – to create the fastest electric formula racecar in the world. And after years of research and development, they are starting to see results. Last weekend, the team got to see their IM/e racecar in action at Zandvoort, the largest racetrack in the Netherlands, and managed to do the circuit in a record-breaking 1:48.371 seconds – that’s 16 seconds faster than the previous electric lap record!

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