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The 3D Technology Behind NYU Langone’s Groundbreaking Double Hand and Face Transplant

Alex Pinkie
July 02, 2021

The value of 3D technology in solving complex medical cases is unparalleled. With the help of Materialise's CLEs, 3D planning, and 3D guides, a team of clinicians at NYU Langone Health successfully performed a double hand and face transplant, giving Joe DiMeo a new chance at life. 

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Build Sustainable 3D Printing Program in Your Hospital

Clara Nguyen
December 07, 2020

Learn the three keys of how to build a 3D printing program at your point-of-care from leading Nordic hospitals.

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Case Study: How Professor Van Mieghem Makes Calculated Decisions for TMVR Using 3D Planning

Liesanne Janssens
December 03, 2020

When it comes to TMVR procedures, the wrong size implant can lead to severe complications or even prove fatal for the patient. 3D planning helps mitigate the risk by providing clarity and accurate measurements, which allows clinicians to perform confidently.

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How to Start and Scale up a Point-of-Care 3D Printing Lab

Elizabeth Boorman
October 14, 2020

Point-of-Care 3D Printing has many benefits, from quick turnaround time during pandemics to clinical quality to research and innovation. Discover what experts who have set up these in-house medical services have to say on how to start or scale up 3D planning and printing in hospitals. 

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Hospital De Sabadell’s 3D Lab Is Transforming Surgical Care for Optimal Outcomes

Simon Vanooteghem
July 22, 2020

Hospital de Sabadell in Spain initially brought in Point-of-Care 3D Printing to focus on harnessing the benefits of 3D planning and printing for orthopaedics. However, soon they expanded to span almost all departments – already generating clear benefits in terms of surgical and operational efficiency. 

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3D-Printed Medical Manikins Become Effective Training Aids for COVID-19 Swab Collection

Susan Ong, Catherine Chia
July 16, 2020

In Singapore, 3D printing has proven to be useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, with its ability to move directly from design to on-demand production for essential medical supplies like ventilators, face shield frames, and other medical devices. One of the perfect examples is the case of 3D- printed medical manikins developed by Creatz3D & AuMed, which has become effective training aids for respiratory swab collection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Personalized 3D Printed Knee Guides Increase Efficiency

Nele Daemen
May 18, 2020

Learn how personalized 3D printed knee guides can help increase efficiency for the surge of elective procedures expected in the coming months

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Seattle Children’s Reverse Engineers COVID-19 Resource Crisis with Stratasys and Materialise Collaboration

Todd Pietila
May 11, 2020

Seattle Children’s 3D prints essential equipment for COVID-19 crisis through collaboration with Statasys and Materialise.

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Passive NIP: “The Genius Is in Its Simplicity” – UZ Leuven

Caroline Collard
April 29, 2020

As patients are facing severe respiratory issues, UZ Leuven has taken a role in leading a clinical trial on a new, easy-to-use solution that bridges the gap between a simple oxygen mask and intubation. After recently treating their first patient, they confirm: the mask is simple and valuable to patients. 

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3D-Printed Non-Invasive PEEP Masks Aim to Alleviate Ventilator Shortage

Brigitte de Vet
April 06, 2020

As coronavirus infections continue to rapidly spread, hospitals around the word are in dire need of mechanical ventilators, which are currently critically under supplied. We developed a solution to deliver oxygen and create high positive pressure without the use of a ventilator by designing a 3D-printed connector that holds together standard medical equipment. It is called the Materialise Passive NIP, with NIP standing for non-invasive PEEP, and is currently being fast tracked through the regulatory process to make it available as soon as possible during this crisis.

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