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Unleashing the Potential of AM for Low-Criticality Aircraft Parts

Siobhan McGonigle
June 15, 2021

No longer seen as merely a tool for rapid prototyping, 3D printing has emerged as a future-proof way to produce smarter, cheaper, and more performant end-use parts. Discover how aircraft manufacturers, MROs, and aviation authorities alike are realizing the potential of AM for low-criticality plastic components.

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Expleo Makes Flight-Ready Spare Parts Smarter With AM

Siobhan McGonigle
May 31, 2021

If a part breaks, is replacing it with a like-for-like part always the best idea? What if you could rethink the design and bring real value with an improved version? Discover how Materialise helped Expleo develop a 3D-printed repair kit that takes spare parts to the next level.

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Additive Manufacturing – Where to Start?

Radhika Dhuru
May 25, 2020

Additive manufacturing has matured significantly over the last few years and now is a serious, near-mainstream manufacturing technology. But while it’s become a member of the establishment, it has not lost its disruptive potential. So what do you do if you want to explore using AM in your business? Do you treat it as just another way of making the same things or do you think bigger? We talk to Sven Hermans and Mathieu Cornelis from Materialise Mindware about what makes a great start into AM — and why you don’t have to be ashamed to ask for help.

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China Needs to Embrace 3D Printing to Remain the Factory of the World

Stefaan Motte
November 11, 2019

Chinese manufacturers believe 3D printing is necessary for the country to keep its status as the ‘factory of the world’. Yet, few are ready to implement it into their production lines. This is according to a recent survey that Materialise conducted among Chinese manufacturing companies to gain insight into their attitudes and interest in the technology.

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How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Jana Obermueller
August 08, 2019

The GE9X, the largest jet engine in the world developed for Boeing’s next-generation 777X jets, took its maiden flight on the GE flying testbed in March 2018. Discover how its crucial 3D-printed turbine parts were created using Materialise software solutions, and how these same solutions can power certified series manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

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Our 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2017

Stephanie Benoit
December 29, 2017

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to look back at the past year to see what we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come. It was really tough to narrow down our favorite blog posts to just 10 – we’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in so many collaborations, technological innovations and inspirational stories – and we want to share the cream of the crop with you. Read on to discover our favorite stories of 2017!

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How Do You Make an Optimized Titanium Aerospace Part as Light as Possible?

Kirsten Van Praet
March 31, 2017

Some of the big benefits of 3D Printing for aerospace are design freedom, short lead times and the creation of lighter and more durable components. The latter leads to a smaller carbon footprint and less fuel consumption. But how can you get the most out of the technology?

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Restoring a Historic Warplane Cockpit with 3D Printing

Stephanie Benoit
July 01, 2016
Dr. Christoph Vernaleken is a German physicist with a doctorate in engineering, and he has been fascinated by airplanes his whole life. He is particularly passionate about historic warplanes, after his father took him to visit the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the world’s largest museum of science and technology. Although his interest for airplanes has been in evidence throughout his career – Dr. Vernaleken worked in aviation safety and flight deck research at TU Darmstadt, before joining Airbus Defense and Space in 2008 – his passion project for the last 23 years has been recreating the cockpit of the rare Junkers Ju 388 L warplane. Read more

Using Topology Optimization for an Aircraft Engine Bracket

Kirsten Van Praet
March 16, 2015

 How can you reconstruct a topology-optimized object in CAD? And what is the most efficient way to do this? Max van der Kolk, a master’s student at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, wrote his thesis answering these questions.

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3D Printing Helps High School Students Shoot for the Stars

Elizabeth Boorman
December 09, 2014

People’s fascination with outer space is one that goes back to the beginning of time. It brings out a sense of wonder in people because of its vastness and beauty. Last summer, four German high school students with the same wonder wanted to know more about our atmosphere. They created a group called Cantucky and built a satellite as part of the “CanSat” competition. The name of the competition says it all: its goal is for high school students to build a satellite the size of a standard beverage can.

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