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Top 5 Magics 24 Features Accelerating AM Productivity

Madeleine Fiello
November 19, 2019

Beta testers have already been testing out the lightning-fast new features introduced in the newest version of Magics, Magics 24. These top five new updates accelerate the productivity of AM users — discover what these tools are and how they’re improving data preparation.

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How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Jana Obermueller
August 08, 2019

The GE9X, the largest jet engine in the world developed for Boeing’s next-generation 777X jets, took its maiden flight on the GE flying testbed in March 2018. Discover how its crucial 3D-printed turbine parts were created using Materialise software solutions, and how these same solutions can power certified series manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

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Improving Metal AM Quality Using Computed Tomography

Tom Craeghs
November 07, 2018

Quality is the buzzword of the moment in additive manufacturing and companies are investing heavily in digital solutions to improve it. Tom Craeghs, Research Project Manager at Materialise, explains how Materialise and Volume Graphics are working together to ensure quality production of 3D-printed metal parts by applying computed tomography to additive manufacturing.

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The 3D Printing History in Three Stages and the Defining Role of Software

Stefaan Motte
September 17, 2018

Stefaan Motte, Vice President and General Manager of the software department at Materialise, looks back at the history of 3D Printing and highlights the three stages that this emerging technology has seen and how Materialise has been in the driver’s seat.

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What’s It Like to Be a Software Application Engineer at Materialise?

Stephanie Benoit
September 11, 2018

Not everything at Materialise Software is about writing code. A large part of the Software department is devoted to shaping the product and determining which features should be included, based on the feedback from the customers and the market. In this way, our software can keep making the lives of our customers easier, more cost-effective and more efficient. We interviewed two software application engineers to get an in-depth look at what the job is really like. Meet Olga Iatsenko, product application engineer for Materialise 3-matic, and Maarten Brocatus, product application engineer for Materialise e-Stage.

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Three Top Strategies for the Easy Removal of Metal Support

Kirsten Van Praet
June 26, 2018

In cases where support structures have to be removed manually, easy support removal and smart support placement technology can significantly reduce finishing time. In this metal blog post, we explain three strategies for easy removal of metal support.

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5 Things to Look Forward to at AMUG

Kirsten Van Praet
March 28, 2018

It’s time for AMUG – the 3D printing event that has been around since the early days of the technology. It unites people from the industry both new and veterans and is a great way to discover new innovations, network, and learn about the exciting projects.  This year Materialise will once again be attending AMUG in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 8-12. At the event, see our latest innovations, get a demo of our 3D printing software suite, including Magics, and hear from our team of experts who will be giving presentations.

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EOS Strives to Change the Mindset of Engineers

Kirsten Van Praet
January 23, 2018

Materialise interviews Dr. Adrian Keppler, the CEO of EOS, about what is necessary to make 3D Printing more successful in the future. It’s all about creating an additive mindset. Watch the leadership talk interview.

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Simulation Leads to More Reliable and Less Expensive Production

Kirsten Van Praet
December 22, 2017

Dr. Hendrik Schafstall explains what value simulation can bring in Metal 3D Printing, what it means to have simulation integrated within Materialise Magics and what the future of simulation looks like.

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PTC Presents Project with Materialise at Formnext 2017

Kirsten Van Praet
November 15, 2017

PTC, a leading CAD/CAM and PLM company, presented advancements in 3D Printing related to their recently announced CREO 5 at the Materialise booth at formnext today.

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