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Meet the Users of Materialise Magics: SOLIZE

Jonathan Cooper, Gakuto Ochi
October 20, 2021

Since 1990, Tokyo-based engineering company SOLIZE has supported product development from design and prototyping to production readiness. To learn more about Materialise's role in SOLIZE's AM business, we spoke to Head of AM System Sales Yoshihiro Nomura and Head of AM Service Bureau Tohru Ota.

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Meet the Users of Materialise Magics: Zenith Tecnica

Jonathan Cooper, Lip Gang Chong
August 16, 2021

Founded in 2014, Zenith Tecnica is a New Zealand-based contract manufacturer that specializes in titanium 3D printing. Just seven years on, and they can definitely be considered leaders in their field. Seeing such incredible growth in such a short space of time made us very excited to talk to the team about the role that Materialise Magics has played in their journey so far. We sat down with Production Lead Kurt Schmidt for a quick conversation.

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How to Accelerate Your Journey to Scaling Additive Manufacturing

80% of manufacturers already use AM to prototype, but how can your business scale to make it a core part of your manufacturing processes? Find out how we’ve helped businesses to adopt AM on a larger scale cost effectively and efficiently.

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How Materialise Research Makes Multi-Laser 3D Printers Accessible with Future-Proof Software

Madeleine Fiello
May 31, 2021

Multi-laser 3D printers will greatly improve productivity and control within additive manufacturing organizations. But how can we ensure that the process is optimized and reliable? Learn how our software team is innovating to make this technology accessible during this interview with Research Manager Tom Craeghs.

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How to Get Started with 3D Printing for Maximum Business Impact

Nele Motmans
June 18, 2020

There is no shortage of resources to learn about 3D printing. But for those of you just becoming acquainted with the technology, it can be overwhelming to understand what exactly 3D printing could do for you. That is why we are boiling down some of the main reasons people turn to 3D printing in this blog.

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Materialise and HP Strengthen User Control over AM Processes

Madeleine Fiello
March 05, 2020

Materialise and HP met up at Formnext to discuss enhancing process communication, digital rights management, and the HP Digital Manufacturing Network. With the further enablement of user control over AM processes, Materialise and HP see productivity and security improving drastically. 

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Top 5 Magics 24 Features Accelerating AM Productivity

Madeleine Fiello
November 19, 2019

Beta testers have already been testing out the lightning-fast new features introduced in the newest version of Magics, Magics 24. These top five new updates accelerate the productivity of AM users — discover what these tools are and how they’re improving data preparation.

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How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Jana Obermueller
August 08, 2019

The GE9X, the largest jet engine in the world developed for Boeing’s next-generation 777X jets, took its maiden flight on the GE flying testbed in March 2018. Discover how its crucial 3D-printed turbine parts were created using Materialise software solutions, and how these same solutions can power certified series manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

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Improving Metal AM Quality Using Computed Tomography

Tom Craeghs
November 07, 2018

Quality is the buzzword of the moment in additive manufacturing and companies are investing heavily in digital solutions to improve it. Tom Craeghs, Research Project Manager at Materialise, explains how Materialise and Volume Graphics are working together to ensure quality production of 3D-printed metal parts by applying computed tomography to additive manufacturing.

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The 3D Printing History in Three Stages and the Defining Role of Software

Stefaan Motte
September 17, 2018

Stefaan Motte, Vice President and General Manager of the software department at Materialise, looks back at the history of 3D Printing and highlights the three stages that this emerging technology has seen and how Materialise has been in the driver’s seat.

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