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Saving Time in Your Medical Image Segmentation Process with Mimics 19

Sjoerd Kolk
June 15, 2016

When segmenting medical image data, have you ever struggled with separating two bones from each other? Well, you’re not the only one.

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Visualizing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: the PCR Valve Atlas

Liesbeth Kemel
June 07, 2016

The PCR Valve Atlas is a visual atlas covering all aspects of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI). The application, an initiative of PCR, the main reference source for the cardiovascular community, targets intermediate level interventionists and surgeons as well as medical professionals planning to start a TAVI program.

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Laying the Groundwork for Industry-Wide Guidelines for 3D Printing Applications in Medicine

Sandrine Debecker
May 31, 2016

May 19th and 20th marked the first definitive meeting between industry leaders to set a common standard for measuring clinical, economical and patient benefits of Medical 3D Printing. An initiative led by Materialise, in partnership with SME, the event on “Building Evidence for 3D Printing Applications in Medicine” was truly a success, and created the building blocks from which the entire 3D Printing industry will benefit.

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Designing a Patient-Specific 3D-Printed Cast with the Lightweight Structures Module

Todd Pietila
May 27, 2016

A talented team of engineers at Michigan Technological University has developed a method for creating a patient-specific 3D-printed cast to treat bone fractures of the forearm and wrist. The project leverages Materialise's Lightweight Structures Module which was used to create the high porosity lattice structure of the casts. These were then 3D printed at Materialise’s production facilities for human testing.

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Building Evidence for 3D Printing Applications in Medicine

Kim Francois
May 05, 2016

When you scroll through former posts on this Materialise Medical blog, there are countless examples of the added value of Medical 3D Printing and how the technology is changing the lives of patients everywhere. Those stories make the clinical benefits of 3D Printing clear, and show just how much of an impact this technology has been having on different medical fields. To make it widely available and gain acceptance from hospitals, doctors, users and policymakers, clinical evidence is crucial.

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Gaining a Better Understanding of LAA Closure through 3D Printing

Sandrine Debecker
April 15, 2016

Despite careful planning, the complex dimensions of the left atrial appendage (LAA) and its variable morphology can result in procedural failure. To make their pre-operative planning even more thorough, a team of Australian physicians from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney turned to medical 3D Printing. The team created an exact replica of a patient's heart while planning a LAA closure procedure with a Boston Scientific Watchman™ device.

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FDA Clearance for 3D-Printed Titanium Cranial/Craniofacial Implants

Liesbeth Kemel
March 21, 2016

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given a 510(k) clearance to a 3D-printed titanium cranial/craniofacial implant manufactured by US- and Brazil-based company BioArchitects. This important news marks the start of the company’s marketing for the device in the US.

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3D-Printed Phits™ Insoles Win the ISPO Award!

Tom Peeters
January 21, 2016

It’s a joyous week over at Phits™ Insoles! And if you’re excited by the prospect of accessible 3D-printed custom insoles, tailored to your own feet and gait, it’s a joyous week for you too. This guest post by Tom Peeters, Marketing Manager, tells you what you can look forward to from this pioneering company and their passion for customized 3D-printed insoles. In April 2014, RS Print was founded as the result of a quest for the ultimate custom orthotic. Less than two years later, as of January 2016, we’ve got an award-winning product! And it’s not some obscure award handed out by an obscure organization at a fair held in some shabby shed. None of that… our Phits™ insoles just won the ISPO Award and that feels really great. ISPO is one the largest sports business networks worldwide and their trade fairs are the biggest and most important sporting goods fairs in the industry. The recognition by their independent jury, choosing our orthotics out of many high-tech products, really merited celebrations at our facilities in Paal-Beringen, Belgium.

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Meet the Newest Version of the Mimics Innovation Suite - the Software Behind Our Most Touching Stories!

Liesbeth Kemel
June 03, 2015

As we’ve already announced, this year Materialise is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In these past 25 years, the Mimics Innovation Suite (Materialise’s software solutions for biomedical engineering) has helped engineers, doctors, implant designers and many others realize endless meaningful innovations. We recently reported on some astounding cases, like the separation of conjoined twins and the printing of a complex congenital heart model for a four-year-old girl.

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Paula Radcliffe’s Secret Weapon for the London Marathon – 3D Printing

Vanessa Palsenbarg
April 30, 2015

Last Sunday, around 37,500 runners crossed the finish line of the London Marathon, each of them with a story to tell. Among these, some had a very special story to tell, and a select few came with an extraordinary story that needs to be shared with the world…

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