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How is Materialise becoming greener? Through ISO 14001.

Elizabeth Boorman
July 04, 2019

Materialise’s Director of Quality Management, Risk and Compliance, Ward Callens, is heading a team that is using ISO 14001 as a system to reduce Materialise’s footprint. In the interview below, he describes the ins and outs of what this certification actually means, and the important role that sustainability plays at Materialise.

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Putting a Price Tag on Your 3D-Printed Hip

Valerie Vervueren
November 09, 2017

In his talk, "Health Economics: 3D is Here, But Can We Afford It Moving Forward?” Philip Tack discussed the cost-effectiveness of medical innovations, more specifically, through a case involving a custom 3D-printed implant for a severe acetabular defect.

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5 Key Takeaways from the Materialise World Summit 2017

Stephanie Benoit
April 27, 2017

Last week, there was only one place to be for the 3D printing industry: the Materialise World Summit. A two-day event hosted in Brussels by Materialise, it invited attendees to think beyond together about the future of 3D Printing. So what did we learn and what were the key takeaways?

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The Materialise World Summit 2017: Day Two

After the excitement of Day One of the Materialise World Summit, it was going to be difficult to top the experience on Day Two. But expectations were definitely met with some really informative, as well as moving presentations in the Healthcare Session, and a stellar panel discussion entitled "Are We Prepared for an Additive Future?" in the AM Session.

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The Materialise World Summit 2017: Day One

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – today is the day when the Materialise World Summit 2017 kicked off, and what a start! In case you missed out, here is an overview of the highlights from Day One.

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Reimagining the Future of Healthcare

Stephanie Benoit
April 12, 2017

Even though healthcare has come a long way over the past century, there are still patients with unique and complex conditions that doctors find themselves challenged by Dr. Jonathan Morris at the Mayo Clinic has been using 3D Printing to push the boundaries of modern healthcare, from visualizing patient anatomies in 3D to surgery guided by precise anatomical models. Hear him speak at the Materialise World Summit to discover what the future of healthcare could look like – and how Mayo Clinic is already making that future a reality.

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20 Reasons to Consider 3D Printing

Ann Opsomer
February 17, 2017

The Materialise World Summit, April 20-21 in Brussels, is your chance to meet international decision-makers that have already incorporated 3D Printing into their institutions.

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The Future Called Reality

Fried Vancraen
February 16, 2017

A Word of Welcome from Fried Vancraen to the Materialise World Summit

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