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Designing for AM in Automotive: Discover Hyundai Automotive’s Award-Winning Print

Madeleine Fiello
July 29, 2021

3D printing is a popular manufacturing technique for its speed, design capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, but the only way to truly take advantage of these benefits is by optimizing designs for AM. Discover how Hyundai Automotive did so to win a design for additive manufacturing competition.

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3DP&Me: “When customers can see exactly what’s possible and practical with additive, it leads to that 'Aha!' moment”

Elizabeth Boorman
September 17, 2019

In this interview, we talk to Jurgen Roekens, Materialise’s Design and Engineering Director, about how the Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) process helps his clients produce exactly the right engineering solution that adds value in many different ways.

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5 Basic 3D Model Repair Functions Every Data Prepper Should Know

Kirsten Van Praet
January 30, 2018

If you have some experience with designing and printing 3D models, you know how important it is to repair your 3D file after conversion from CAD to STL. The design may look perfect, but when you start printing it, the build can fail. An error can easily slip the eye, which is why STL editing software can help you avoid printability issues and ensure a successful print. Discover the STL repair and editing tools you need to create a watertight, printable 3D model: and they’re all available in Materialise Magics software.

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Japan’s Metal 3D Printing Pioneer Reduces Casting Lead Time by 90%

Kirsten Van Praet
July 24, 2017

Koiwai offers casting services for automobile companies and was one of the first companies to take full advantage of 3D Printing in Japan. Having invested in Metal 3D Printing since 2013, the company is a leading force of innovation in Japan’s metal manufacturing industry. How did they transform their casting process? How do they deal with the challenges of mass producing metal parts? And where do they see the real value of 3D Printing?

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The Launch of a 3D-Printed Rocket

Sarah Verhaeghe
October 21, 2014

BOLDROCKET has an ambitious plan: to deliver aspiring business and technology solutions to the finance services industry that changes the traditional way that people think. Set out with a mission to foster a creative environment in the office, D+DS architecture designed the office and approached Materialise to print a 3.7-meter-long orange 3D Printed rocket for BOLDROCKET’s new office in London.

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