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Lessons from Our Latest Webinar: Solutions for Complex Hip Surgery

Anna Young
March 14, 2016

Both surgical planning and medical 3D Printing are providing surgeons with more options for the surgical treatment of hip patients. With complex hip revision surgery in mind, we recently organized a webinar to present the range of planning and patient-specific surgical solutions offered by Materialise. These include X-ray based planning, 3D-printed anatomical models, and patient-specific surgical guides and implants. We also refer to this as the Materialise Hip Continuum.

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The 3D Revolution of the Medical World: A Review of This Year’s Biggest Orthopaedic Event

Kim Francois
March 11, 2016

Once again, the Materialise Medical team headed out to Florida for the biggest annual orthopaedic event in the world. And we can safely say that a good time was had by all, as we got to attend a number of fascinating talks, meet the passionate and knowledgeable surgeons and researchers who attended the event, and of course inform and help the visitors at our booth!

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How Do You Design and Realize a Customized 3D-Printed Hand?

Ayishwariya Menon
February 18, 2016

We had the opportunity here at Materialise Malaysia to start off 2016 by living up to the Materialise motto: working towards a better and healthier world. With the help of some talented and generous people, I was able to make a real difference in a wonderful little boy’s life, with a 3D-printed hand. But between the original inspiration to do this, and the final, happy, day when Padmaloshn tried on his new hand for the first time, lay months of dedicated effort by various people. This is how we created Padmaloshn’s new 3D-printed hand.

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3D-Printed Phits™ Insoles Win the ISPO Award!

Tom Peeters
January 21, 2016

It’s a joyous week over at Phits™ Insoles! And if you’re excited by the prospect of accessible 3D-printed custom insoles, tailored to your own feet and gait, it’s a joyous week for you too. This guest post by Tom Peeters, Marketing Manager, tells you what you can look forward to from this pioneering company and their passion for customized 3D-printed insoles. In April 2014, RS Print was founded as the result of a quest for the ultimate custom orthotic. Less than two years later, as of January 2016, we’ve got an award-winning product! And it’s not some obscure award handed out by an obscure organization at a fair held in some shabby shed. None of that… our Phits™ insoles just won the ISPO Award and that feels really great. ISPO is one the largest sports business networks worldwide and their trade fairs are the biggest and most important sporting goods fairs in the industry. The recognition by their independent jury, choosing our orthotics out of many high-tech products, really merited celebrations at our facilities in Paal-Beringen, Belgium.

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3D-Printed Hip Joint Held in Place with Stem Cells

Liesbeth Kemel
January 18, 2016

After six hip replacements left her pelvis bone in fragile condition, 71-year old Meryl Richards was in great pain after her left leg pushed through her pelvis bone and caused the leg to be two inches shorter than the other. Soon she would be wheelchair-bound forever, after having walked with crutches and sticks for years. Fortunately, surgeons at the Southampton General Hospital, UK, implanted a 3D-printed hip joint, held it in place with the patient's own stem cells - an unprecedented approach.

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Paula Radcliffe’s Secret Weapon for the London Marathon – 3D Printing

Vanessa Palsenbarg
April 30, 2015

Last Sunday, around 37,500 runners crossed the finish line of the London Marathon, each of them with a story to tell. Among these, some had a very special story to tell, and a select few came with an extraordinary story that needs to be shared with the world…

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Lieven Maesschalck Visits Materialise!

Elizabeth Boorman
October 30, 2014

It’s safe to say that Materialise has a lot of football (a.k.a. soccer) fans, especially fans of the Red Devils, Belgium’s national football team. That is why so many of us here at HQ were excited when the world-renowned Lieven Maesschalck, the physical therapist of the Red Devils during the World Cup, came to our office on Tuesday, October 28th to learn more about RS Print.

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Benin Summer School Week 2: Female Role Models, Prosthetic Hands, Garde Malades

Jamie Milas, Pascale Notté
September 09, 2014

After an amazing first week of brainstorming with the students, we were happy to begin to really work on the projects with the selected 8 students. It was an incredibly busy week as we went around to cities all over Benin to conduct research, but very exciting to work on the details of the projects and to work with the students on developing their project management skills. The progress of each project and personal development of each student have advanced in just these first two weeks and we’re looking forward to seeing how the next two weeks will go. But let’s first give you an update about the Benin Summer School’s second week…

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7-Year-Old Joos Regains Functionality in His Arm

Stephanie Benoit
September 02, 2014

7-year-old Joos fell on the playground at school leaving him with a double arm fracture. After his arm healed and the cast was removed, his arm was completely crooked and his arm was not functioning the way it should: suddenly he could not do some of his favorite things such as summersaults or handstands.

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3D Printed Insoles: Customized to Support Your Every Move

Nils Faber
May 15, 2014

What’s the next “step” in 3D Printing? You don’t have to be a 3D Printing fanatic to see that tailored 3D printed products have become more common as the cost has diminished and the software has advanced. This environment has enabled our latest endeavor, RSPrint, which we founded together with RSscan (RS stands for Runner Service). Together, some of us at Materialise have worked with Jempi Wilssens, founder of RSscan, and his colleagues to develop 3D printed insoles, based on dynamic measurement footscans and customized to support your distinct gait.

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