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Beyond Acetate Templates: Making the Move to Digital Templating

Alex M
December 06, 2016

When Dr. Noble, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in total joint replacement at Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, FL, found himself without hard copy X-rays to plan his hip and knee arthroplasty procedures, he took a leap towards digital pre-operative planning.

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Materialise Japan Opens New Medical Production Facility

Stephanie Benoit
November 24, 2016

This year, our office in Japan opened a brand-new medical 3D printing facility in order to provide our customers in Japan with localized service for patient-specific surgical guides and anatomical models for orthopaedic and cranio-maxillofacial surgeries. But what does it take to set up a new production facility for highly regulated medical devices? We talked to our colleagues at the Japan office to find out.

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Corrective Osteotomy Restores an Oslo Teen's Mobility

Fredrik Sporrong
November 18, 2016

Dr. Ola Wiig, an experienced pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, was confronted with a very challenging deformity in a young teenager. Dr Wiig’s patient was suffering from severely reduced mobility as a result of an epiphysiolysis in her proximal femur, which caused her leg to be severely rotated outwards. This wasn’t just causing the patient pain, it was stopping her from being a normal teenager.

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Study on aMace Custom Acetabular Cup Reports Satisfied Patients

Clare Satterly
November 16, 2016

In a recent study in the Netherlands, all 12 patients who underwent an acetabular reconstruction of large Paprosky type 3 defects using the Materialise aMace custom acetabular cup, were recorded as being satisfied with the results of their procedure. The study, by Marieke Baauw, MD, Gijs Gerard van Hellemondt, MD and Maarten Spruit, MD, PhD from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Sint-Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, the Netherlands reported on their use of the aMace as part of an integral approach which included “a detailed approach to defect analysis, including measurement of bone deficiency and bone quality”. As reported in Helio Orthopaedics, the study presents positive results from a follow up of the 12 patients at least 18 months after surgery.

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Saving Jojo's Leg with Pre-Surgical Planning in 3D

Anna Fischer
October 25, 2016

A five-year-old boy named Jojo from a village near Munich was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor called Ewing`s Sarcoma. Usually found in the diaphysis (middle part) of long bones Jojo`s tumor was located in the distal part of his left femur and very close to the growth plate. Since tumor-endoprostheses are not available for such young children due to their small anatomical dimensions, an amputation or rotation plasty has to be performed in these cases.

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Planning Tibial & Femoral Osteotomy in 2D & 3D

Anna Young
September 28, 2016

Both high tibial osteotomy (HTO) and distal femoral osteotomy (DFO) procedures aren’t always straightforward and may require an alternative method to be adopted when planning for surgery. Innovative software and services are available to simplify the planning process and increase predictability of the surgical outcome.

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Westward Bound: Phits Expands to the USA

Stephanie Benoit
September 21, 2016

RS Print recently took the leap and opened up a new office in Detroit, Michigan, for their subsidiary Phits. The result of a joint venture between Materialise and RS Scan, Phits specializes in 3D-printed, orthotic shoe insoles.

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8 Considerations when Planning for Orthopaedic Surgery

Anna Young
September 13, 2016

From x-ray-based pre-operative planning and templating software to patient-specific solutions which employ 3D technologies, orthopaedic surgeons have access to an array of software and services to assist them when planning for successful surgical outcomes.

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Award-Nominated Research on Shoulder Implants with X-rays

Sjoerd Kolk
August 26, 2016

The shoulder is a truly extraordinary joint, as it allows a full 180-degree range of vertical and horizontal motion. Unfortunately, the downside of this flexibility is that the more a joint can do, the more that can go wrong. The shoulder joint can wear out due to age, infection or trauma, leading to pain and a loss of function. When it comes to researching solutions to these problems, the shoulder surgeons at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute (FOI) and the researchers at the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research & Education (FORE) in Tampa, Florida, lead the way as one of the most reputable shoulder research collaborations in the world.

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Correcting a Malaligned Tibia with Medical 3D Technology

30-year-old Partiban from Malaysia was an avid futsal player until he started noticing pain in his left knee throughout one year. The pain worsened until he had difficulties squatting and running; it eventually caused him to stop playing futsal. The patient was referred to Prof. Dr. Azhar M. Merican, who deduced that the underlying cause for the pain was a deformity of the patient’s left upper tibia. The deformity was due to the malunion of a fracture sustained in a motor vehicle accident when the patient was 14 years old. At the time, the fracture had been treated with a plaster cast.

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