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Want to Become a ‘Factory of the Future 4.0’? Don’t Go It Alone

Radhika Dhuru
February 12, 2019

The industrial landscape is going digital. By 2020, PwC expects as many as 64% of manufacturing factories to use connected sensors, and expects the number of factories using 3D printing to double. And 2020 isn’t all that far off any longer. So where are we today? For Materialise, the emergence of Factories of the Future is not a phenomenon we’re waiting for. It’s a vision we’re realizing today. And last week, we were proud to be awarded the ‘Factory of the Future Label 4.0’ by Agoria and Sirris, after a rigorous selection procedure. But we’re not going the distance alone. Read on to discover why you can’t be a Factory of the Future in a vacuum.

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Polymers, Productivity and Policy: 3D Printing Trends in 2019

Aura Farrando, Radhika Dhuru
December 11, 2018

3D printing is a slow revolution. But it is a revolution regardless, when you consider what the technology does: saving lives, enabling new business models, redefining how we design products. But none of that happened overnight. The revolutionary nature of 3D printing grew over decades, formed on a foundation of small but valuable steps. So where are today’s trends taking the industry in 2019? We checked in with experts at Materialise, including CEO Fried Vancraen, to find out.

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How do you really go large with 3D Printing? An entire Mammoth skeleton!

Gertjan Brienen
October 16, 2018

Create a 3D-printed replica of an elephant-sized woolly mammoth skeleton? Even with the wide variety of challenges we’re fortunate to experience at Materialise, projects like this don’t come along every day. Project Engineer Gertjan Brienen managed the team that made this fascinating technical exercise a success. In this guest post, he tells us how it tested all our capabilities, from design engineering to our own giant Mammoth printers.

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A Perspective on 3DP in the UK: How the Industry Evolved in Ten Years’ Time

Luke Ambrose
September 10, 2018

As a  Sales Manager at Materialise UK, Luke Ambrose has had a front-row view of the evolution of 3D Printing in the UK over the past decade. In this guest post, Luke reflects on how the technology has changed and how UK companies are adapting their approaches towards it.

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Travel Back in Time to WWI with a Historical 3D-Printed Coastline Model

Stephanie Benoit
September 03, 2018

When walking along the Belgian coast today, you would never guess that 100 years ago it was the scene of one of the bloodiest wars in European history: World War I. Only a few traces remain – in Raversijde, you can spot bunkers peeking out from the dunes, including, if you look closely, some remaining coastal artillery. The Atlantikwall Museum in Raversijde allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of WWI, and a new exhibition about munition in WWI will bring the coastline of 1914 even more to life. The star of the exhibition is a massive, highly detailed, 3D-printed model which is an exact replica of the coastline as it was during the war.

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A Tale of Two Mammoths: Paleontologist Mietje Germonpré on 3D Printing a Mammoth

Stephanie Benoit
July 30, 2018

We sat down with Mietje Germonpré, a paleontologist at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels who is specialized in mammals from the Ice Age, to get her insight on the Mammoth of Lier and how 3D Printing is breathing new life into its age-old remains.

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Fmhofmann COSMOS Eyewear Collection: Bringing a New Dimension to Customization

Natalie Simpson
July 13, 2018

The new eyewear collection by fmhofmann is the first in the industry to combine a Titanium 3D-printed hinge with 3D-printed PA frames, a unique combination not seen before. To scale this new summit of all-printed eyewear, Berlin-based designer Fabián Hofmann collaborated with 3D printing experts Materialise.

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New Play Explores Love and Loss with a 3D-Printed Rain Machine

Stephanie Benoit
June 08, 2018

Art and technology are blended together seamlessly in Belgian theater auteur Stijn Devillé’s upcoming play, Gesprek met de Regen (or “Conversation with the Rain”). The play tells the story of a grieving couple trying to come to terms with the loss of their daughter, with the monsoon rains of Singapore as the backdrop. To bring this to life in the play, the theater company Het Nieuwstedelijk collaborated together with KU Leuven and Materialise to create a very special kind of rain machine – a complex bit of stage magic which involves 3D Printing, programming and lots of water.

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First Course in Additive Manufacturing in Medicine in Canton Ticino

Anna Fischer
May 16, 2018

The first Additive Manufacturing in Medicine course in Switzerland took place in the Italian-speaking region Canton Ticino, highlighting several aspects of 3D printing technology in patient care. The course was made possible through the collaboration of the Swiss company GTK Timek Group SA, a plastics, rubber and polymer manufacturer which opened last year a 3D Medical division, Dr. Nicola Bizzotto, an orthopedic and trauma surgeon at the private Clinic Dolomiti Sportclinic in Bolzano, Italy, and Materialise. Materialise participated in the event by introducing how hospitals can integrate image-based planning into their patient care.

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Visit the Miniature, 3D-Printed City Hall of Antwerp

Stephanie Benoit
March 26, 2018

The city hall of Antwerp is one of the city’s architectural crown jewels. Dating back from the 16th century, it hadn’t undergone significant restauration for the last 60 years, and the grand old building was starting to show signs of its age. The municipality of Antwerp has set an ambitious restauration project in motion, which will be explained and displayed at Paviljoen Antwerpen Morgen. Held at MAS, the exhibition will cover the biggest urban development projects the city has planned for the future. And taking center stage is a giant 3D-printed model of the renovated city hall!

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