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“Long-term vision and adaptability”: Belgian Mobility Policy Chief Visits Materialise

Radhika Dhuru
June 29, 2021

Emmanuelle Vandamme, Belgium’s Mobility Policy Chief, visited Materialise to get a behind-the-scenes look at our certified additive manufacturing facilities. Read this interview to learn about Ms. Vandamme’s main mission and her views on innovation in the mobility sector.

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Unleashing the Potential of AM for Low-Criticality Aircraft Parts

Siobhan McGonigle
June 15, 2021

No longer seen as merely a tool for rapid prototyping, 3D printing has emerged as a future-proof way to produce smarter, cheaper, and more performant end-use parts. Discover how aircraft manufacturers, MROs, and aviation authorities alike are realizing the potential of AM for low-criticality plastic components.

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How to Accelerate Your Journey to Scaling Additive Manufacturing

80% of manufacturers already use AM to prototype, but how can your business scale to make it a core part of your manufacturing processes? Find out how we’ve helped businesses to adopt AM on a larger scale cost effectively and efficiently.

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Expleo Makes Flight-Ready Spare Parts Smarter With AM

Siobhan McGonigle
May 31, 2021

If a part breaks, is replacing it with a like-for-like part always the best idea? What if you could rethink the design and bring real value with an improved version? Discover how Materialise helped Expleo develop a 3D-printed repair kit that takes spare parts to the next level.

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Manufacturing Megatrends: Why the ‘New Normal’ Might Look Quite Familiar

Bart Van der Schueren
January 05, 2021

Bart Van der Schueren, Chief Technology Officer at Materialise and Materialise Mindware representative, discusses megatrends in manufacturing and how these values can guide companies navigating the industry during a pandemic. Discover how these three focuses can keep your business on track. 

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Chains That Change the World

Jana Obermueller
November 12, 2020

Just keeping afloat or actually staying ahead of the curve? In uncertain times such as these, speeding up production and logistics are a must, as is identifying new opportunities as traditional revenue streams are disrupted. Discover how sustainable supply chains and new business models can help. 

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Mitt Brings Prosthetics within Reach Thanks to 3D Printing

Ksenia Oreshkova
October 15, 2020

UK start-up Mitt is asking us to reconceptualize the idea of what limb replacement really means. By putting function alongside form and leveraging the freedom of design that 3D printing offers, they’ve created a prosthetic arm that is functional, customizable, comfortable and, most importantly, accessible. And it’s this approach that saw them crowned Disrupter of the Year at this year’s London Business Awards.

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3D Printing Acoustic Panels - TU Delft and Materialise

Madeleine Fiello
September 18, 2020

As multi-use spaces grow in popularity, the architecture department at TU Delft decided to work towards a solution to the bothersome noise frequencies that often accompany these areas. Discover how they teamed up with Materialise to build 3D-printed acoustics panels. 

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Fast and Reliable: MedTech Solutions amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brigitte de Vet
April 01, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the world has looked to 3D printing to provide fast and reliable solutions. However, 3D printing can support communities with much more than just these quick fixes, it also has the ability to develop solutions that can have a hand in improving healthcare for years to come.

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Korean Architect Se Yoon Park Designs Stunning 3D Printed Trees for His Art Installation

Fabian Backer
April 18, 2019

Armed with the knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D printing, a background in architecture, and the will to liberate his creative mind, Korean designer Se Yoon Park has created a stunning art installation made up of 3D-printed trees. His work imitates the organic structure of trees and consists of many small geometric elements. Dive into the world of “Light, Darkness, and the Tree”.

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