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Korean Architect Se Yoon Park Designs Stunning 3D Printed Trees for His Art Installation

Fabian Backer
April 18, 2019

Armed with the knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D printing, a background in architecture, and the will to liberate his creative mind, Korean designer Se Yoon Park has created a stunning art installation made up of 3D-printed trees. His work imitates the organic structure of trees and consists of many small geometric elements. Dive into the world of “Light, Darkness, and the Tree”.

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Dream Big in 3Dimensions: Materialise China Hosts Focus Day

Stephanie Benoit
November 06, 2017

Last week, it was time for the third edition of Materialise China’s Focus Day! This year’s edition was called “Dream Big in 3Dimensions”; a two-day event uniting high-end speakers from different industries, and over 200 visitors who ranged from customers and partners to industrial players interested in the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing. Read on to get a taste of how the event went.

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The Long March: 3D Printing Goes to Shangrao Primary School

Daisy Liu, Emma Wan
October 31, 2017

You may have read about last year’s Silk Road initiative, where our Chinese office took a “Dream Bus” around the west of China to inspire and educate young children in remote areas about 3D Printing. This year, the saga continues as the Long March – the Dream Bus will start in Jinzhai and make its way to Dingxi across the south of China.

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Two Teams, One Goal: Going the Extra Mile for 3D Printing

Nils Torke
August 17, 2017

Materialise employees never hesitate to go the extra mile. Two of our teams from Munich and Bremen recently took the chance to participate at their local B2RUN, running a total of 6km.

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Bringing Together the Team at Materialise Malaysia: Musical Chairs Edition

Maggie Lau
May 22, 2017

Beginning this year, we held a co-creation exercise where our people managers were invited to work out the focus of their development among the six leadership competencies. Team activation was one of the needs that the group identified, and we chose a beautiful day in April to have our first People Manager Team Building.

Here’s how the day looked like!

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The Legacy of Vesalius: Engineering on Anatomy

Stephanie Benoit
November 24, 2016

Roughly 500 years ago, Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels to a family of court physicians. During his lifetime, he revolutionized the field of anatomy, disproving theories that had gone uncontested for the past 1,300 years. We printed out a 3D model of a brain in homage to the enduring genius of Vesalius.

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Lace’r Sintering: Materialise, Miles and Lineapiù Bring 3D Printing to the Knitwear Industry

Stephanie Benoit
November 10, 2016

The art of making lace is complex and labor-intensive, and dates back centuries. It also has a strong history in both Italy and Belgium, which makes the collaboration between Italian knitwear foundation Lineapiù, knitwear manufacturer Maglificio Miles, and Materialise all the more natural.

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Behind the Scenes of Kolloquium 4.0: A 3DP Academy in a German Quarry!

Radhika Dhuru
October 14, 2016

This week, we hosted a roomful of 3D printing professionals, academics and enthusiasts in Essen, Germany. Against the dramatic backdrop of an old coal quarry, we organized a 3DP Academy and a conference to discuss the questions that come up frequently among 3D printing adopters today. How do you implement Additive Manufacturing in your company? What kind of time-and-cost savings can be achieved by switching your production to 3D-printed spare parts? And how can you use 3D Printing to produce “better” parts? With speakers from Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa and Siemens among others, we got some great insights into how major players in diverse sectors are adopting Additive Manufacturing into their operations today.

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3D Printing Exhibition Opens in the Red Dot Design Museum: Making a Difference/A Difference in Making

Vanessa Palsenbarg
September 27, 2016

The 27th of September marked an important date for Materialise. Our exhibition, Making a Difference/A Difference in Making, finally opened at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. This is the second leg of its tour, after a successful debut at the BOZAR in Brussels during the spring of 2015.

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All aboard the Dream Bus: Materialise Takes 3D Printing to West China

Stephanie Benoit
June 14, 2016

Born as an initiative from one of our colleagues at the Materialise China office, Tom Yan, the Silk Road project aims to spur innovation and development in the Western part of China. Together with Chinese charity organization, Adream, and TEACH, a company that provides courses on 3D Printing, Materialise organized a mobile Dream Bus, that will drive through Western China and stop in several locations to allow local children to learn about 3D Printing.

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