Stephanie Benoit March 1, 2017

This weekend at Mido, an international optics and eyewear trade show in Milan, onlookers were able to discover something unique: or should we say Yuniku? Following last year’s announcement of Yuniku, the world’s first vision-centric 3D-tailored eyewear, Hoet Design Studio and Aoyama Optical France have jumped on board, adding two new collections of 3D-printed eyewear to the platform: Cabrio and We DDD respectively. From the smooth curves of the Cabrio frames to the innovative use of texturing on We DDD, the new collections are set to bring a new world of esthetic choice to a platform that has already established its commitment to optimal performance.

The Yuniku scanner | Image courtesy of Hoya Vision Care

The Yuniku scanner | Image courtesy of Hoya Vision Care

Yuniku, by Hoya in collaboration with Materialise, is a breakthrough innovation that uses 3D scanning and 3D Printing to create eyewear that is perfectly tailored to the visual needs and anatomy of an individual. The result is unique eyewear that looks great without compromising on style or fit, and provides the optimal standard in vision correction.

The New Collections: Cabrio and We DDD

Both Hoet and Aoyama have been early pioneers of using 3D technology for their eyewear, and the new collections showcase the expertise they have gained over the years.

“With the latest additions to the Yuniku frame collection, wearers have even more opportunities to create designer eyewear as unique as they are. Yuniku also removes the frustration for opticians limited by available stock to offer what their customers really want.”
Jon Warrick, Vice President Global Marketing, Hoya Vision Care

Hoet for Yuniku
We ddd for Yuniku

New entrants to the Yuniku platform: Cabrio by Hoet (top) and We DDD by Aoyama


Bieke Hoet, designer of Hoet eyewear, wears her Yuniku frames

Bieke Hoet, designer of Hoet eyewear, wears her Yuniku frames

For Bieke Hoet, 3D Printing is the ideal technology to create innovative designs that are tailored to the individual – and Yuniku is the natural evolution of individualized eyewear. “As an eyewear designer,” Bieke says, “I’m already familiar with how 3D Printing can revolutionize this industry. And now with Yuniku, we can share this potential with the world.”

The We DDD collection by Aoyama Optical France, for its part, already holds the distinction of having been the first 3D-printed frame on the French market. Having previously collaborated with Materialise for We DDD, CEO Philippe Beuscart says, “Standardized production and a one-size-fits-all approach are no longer enough. We offer customizable options that speak directly to an individual’s tastes and preferences. Aoyama’s goal with this collection was to bring true mass customization to a luxury consumer-grade product.”

It is this amalgamation of expertise that has enabled Yuniku to come to life. Materialise Business Developer Alireza Parandian, a firm advocate of co-creation and shared expertise, says: “Our goal is to add true value with 3D Printing, to bring this technology to industries where it can reinvent a product for the better, transform a business model, improve a supply chain, or enhance the end-customer experience.”

For more information on Yuniku or our previous projects with Hoet and Aoyama, check out our blog and case studies.

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