Stephanie Benoit July 27, 2016

This week, Microsoft 3D Builder users were finally able to start printing their designs through our consumer 3D printing service, i.materialise. This is just the first of many Microsoft 3D printing platform applications which will allow users to print their models with i.materialise, and although we announced this collaboration for the first time in May, it’s exciting to see those plans become concrete reality! Our i.materialise team is definitely looking forward to working together with the team over at Microsoft to improve the 3D printing experience for the members of the Windows community.



About 3D Builder

3D Builder is an intuitive, free Windows app that allows its users to view, capture, personalize, repair and print 3D models. You can create your own models from scratch by combining simple shapes, or by downloading pre-made 3D files from an online database. The app even offers the possibility to turn webcam photos into 3D models, which the user can then edit with easy-to-use personalization tools. 3D Builder supports all the principal 3D printing file formats, including STL, OBJ, PLY, WRL (VRML) and 3MF.


How to print models created in 3D Builder

There are many reasons to choose an online 3D printing service for your 3D printing needs. You might be in need of a professional HD print, you might be looking for 3D printing solutions beyond plastic, or you just might not want to invest in a 3D printer yourself! With 3D Builder, this becomes even easier: you can order a professional, high-quality print of your model with i.materialise from directly within the app. They will then print it for you in a range of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold, ceramic and more.


Download the 3D Builder app here, and learn more about Microsoft’s 3D printing activities here! Once you’ve finished tinkering with your model, all you need to do is choose between i.materialise’s 20 different 3D printing materials and over 100 possible color and finish combinations.

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