Elizabeth Boorman October 29, 2014

Last Thursday and Friday, Materialise’s Factory for 3D Printing hosted a workshop on "Serial Production in 3D Printing" where representatives from 40 German companies could come and learn about designing, engineering and manufacturing in 3D Printing.

Over the course of the two days, the guests learned all about 3D printing technology, materials, economic benefits and got to see our production facility. As attendee Dr. Erik Reuther from Clariant put it, he came to "get a more detailed perspective on 3D Printing", and "enjoyed very much the deep insights [from the workshop] so that you get the right perspective on this new technology" Want to know more about what our guests had to say about our workshop? Watch our video below:


Do you have a project that you think could be 3D printed? Would you like to learn more about our technology, software, and/or details of how to print your project? You can visit our 3D print barometer to see if your project will benefit from 3D Printing services or to find a co-creation session near you. You can also get in contact with our Factory for 3D Printing directly by emailing projects@materialise.be.