Radhika Dhuru August 11, 2015
Troubleshoot, discuss, or even just browse 3D Printing ideas and models on the go: Ideas Worth Making is back, and this time it’s on your Android! The new Ideas Worth Making app is downloadable for free from Google’s Play Store, and it’s making it easier than ever to share inspirations with the 3D Printing community. In case you missed out, we announced the Makers Challenge in early April calling all makers to realize Ideas Worth Making, and win a MiiCraft+ DLP 3D printer. Makers had to choose one of the 308 ideas submitted by teachers to the Ideas Worth Making platform, make a 3D model of that idea and then 3D print it. The winner, Antoine de Crombrugghe, created a didactical gearbox submitted as an idea by schoolteacher Ilse Cornelis. Ilse’s experience while teaching STEM courses brought her to realize that kids would learn a lot more about transmissions through a working 3D model of a car’s gearbox. Then Antoine, a 23-year-old graduate student of Industrial Engineering and Electromechanics, picked the idea to work on for the Makers Challenge because of his love for engineering and experience with dismantling and rebuilding his Honda Dax’s motor.
Ideas Worth Making | Makers Challenge winner Antoine de Crombrugghe with the didactical gearbox
Makers Challenge winner Antoine de Crombrugghe with the didactical gearbox
That’s exactly the interactivity between inspirations that we were hoping for: an idea seedling, nurtured by design knowledge and brought to life by 3D Printing. Ideas Worth Making is all about sharing inspiration with the 3D Printing community, because someone else looking for a new design challenge could help you realize the spark of inspiration at the back of your mind. With the new Ideas Worth Making app, you always have access to the ideas and models you’ve uploaded to the platform. You can also browse other ideas and models, wherever you go. You can discover how people use 3D Printing in their everyday lives, and come up with ideas to make stuff that matters. In a passionate, constantly developing community like the 3D Printing enthusiasts on Ideas Worth Making, solutions are never too far away: engage with the community, and figure out how to best realize your thoughts. Whether you’re a chronic troubleshooter with a knack for spotting problems and fixing them, or a visionary with creative insights into what would help a community the most, or a designer who loves to give ideas a form – come on in. We’ve been looking for you. Get it on Google Play