Dr. Zahra Asgharpour November 4, 2016

VPH conference - virtual physiological human


This year the VPH conference was hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where our team was happy to meet experts from academia and research institutions. We also hosted a session on computational modeling for the enhancement of medical device development and patient treatment. Our first guest speaker, Dr. Mark Palmer, Senior Principal Scientist at Medtronic, gave an insightful industry perspective about the role of modeling in reducing the amount of clinical trials and in bringing safer and improved devices to patients faster. Secondly, Dr. Dennis Jansen, Assistant Professor at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, spoke about computational assessments and how they helped to improve total knee arthroplasty designs.

In the discussions that followed during the reception and throughout the remainder of the VPH conference, you could feel the excitement about the possibilities of virtual human modeling, as well as the dedication to take on the challenges that will bring this technology from a theoretical concept into tools that will improve patient care.


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