Kirsten Van Praet October 26, 2016

At formnext on November 15, we are launching Materialise Magics 21, the latest version of our industry-leading data preparation software. Earlier, we announced the start of our beta validation program including top companies all over the world. Today, we will reveal some updated Laser Sintering features in Materialise Magics 21: the slice distribution graph and nesting at different angles!


Time is money

It’s practically a rule in business. The faster you produce, the more you earn. We looked for ways to speed up your production process and save costs at the same time, and upgraded our Sinter Module! This Materialise Magics module provides a complete toolbox for your Laser Sintering business. Laser Sintering powder is quite expensive, so by optimally nesting your parts and reducing the height of your build platform, you can save material, as well as speed up your production. Our powerful multi-core nesting algorithms nest your parts automatically, meaning you don’t need to put in hours of manual work. In addition, you can nest parts in a running machine, prevent parts from interlocking, protect fragile parts with a crate and more.


Materialise Magics Sinter Module
Materialise Magics Sinter Module

Get higher quality prints by gaining complete control of your build process

Users of the Materialise Magics Sinter Module already noticed they were able to nest several hundred parts in a few minutes. But speed isn’t everything. We wanted to eliminate every possibility of machine error, so your prints come out with even higher quality. With the slice distribution graph function, you have total control of the build process. Since big differences in temperature between two consecutive layers compromises the build quality, we developed a tool that allows you to analyze the surface area for each layer and distribution within your build. Materialise Magics 21 will allow you to visualize the graph for both selected parts, as well as the complete build platform. The function also meets the needs of multi-optics machine users.


Materialise Magics Sinter Module
Materialise Magics Sinter Module

Print more efficiently and save powder by optimally nesting your parts

Nesting parts efficiently has a huge impact on how much space you use up on your build platform. By fitting in your pieces at an optimal angle, you can print more parts at a time, meaning you produce faster and waste less Laser Sintering powder – saving you unnecessary expenses as well. That’s why we’ve added another improvement to Materialise Magics: you can choose the rotation angle of your nested parts, according to the content of the platform. You can set the rotation angle at 90°, 45°, 30° or even 15 degrees. You will save time and powder, while keeping an eye on nest density with the slice distribution graph. We’re already big fans, but how did our Materialise Magics21 beta testers evaluate it?


“For me, the most useful new tool is the ability for 3D Nester to rotate parts at multiple angle increments!”

– Midwest Prototyping


“The rotation at 15 to 90 degrees is a very good improvement! It makes the nesting better.”

– APP Models


Other Magics 21 Improvements

Curious to know what else is new in Materialise Magics 21? Keep an eye on our communications, and for more information about the Materialise Magics Sinter Module, visit: