Charlotte Delaere December 3, 2014

The Materialise Slot Car Championship races over to Germany, a country that’s known around the world for its car manufacturing industry, for one last contest. More specifically, we went to Frankfurt for EuroMold, the world’s leading trade fair for design and application development, moldmaking and tooling.

Over the course of 2014, Materialise organized a series of slot car races where participants could let their imagination run wild and 3D print their slot cars which they made with a whole range of Additive Manufacturing technologies. What better way to show visitors what’s possible with 3D Printing than racing slot cars while enjoying a beer?

Racers focusing on their own 3D-printed car.
Racers focusing on their own 3D-printed car.

The afternoon of Euromold’s opening day, Tuesday, November 25th, began with our participants warming up. We had a 2 big screens with live captions so that everyone could follow the action.

Behind the scenes – Paolo, our MultimediaMan, live recording the race.
Behind the scenes – Paolo, our MultimediaMan, live recording the race.

Materialise CEO Fried Vancrean kicked off the event by racing a lightweight car printed in our flexible TPU 92A-1.

Materialise CEO  Fried Vancraen giving a warm welcome speech… and getting ready for the very first race of the evening.
Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen giving a warm welcome speech… and getting ready for the very first race of the evening.

I had a great time meeting the racers and spectators and seeing some really great designs. One of my favorites was “The Textured Slot Car”, which was born out of a cooperation between Materialise and Stratasys for the Objet Build Processor demo at EuroMold. They made a black-and-white and colored version on the Connex3 machine. With this multi-material 3D printer you can combine 3 basic resins to create 82 distinct materials. The 3D texture was designed in our very own 3-matic software. Also, the designers used Magics since it is the ideal toolbox to divide one part in different parts so you can assign different materials to the object. The colored Textured Slot Car joined the race and was greeted by supporters cheering it on in all languages, while racing the track at its highest speed.


Like we did at our previous races, we designed some trophies in our 3-maticSTL lightweight structures module and 3D printed them for the winners in every category. These awards were handed out by Materialise Executive Vice President Bart Van der Schueren during an award ceremony.  

Here is a list of our winners!

em22 Space Racer

Crowd Favorite

Company: Hachtel Car Name: “Darth Hachtel 1” Racer: Kamil Szepanski

Most Innovative Use of AM

Company: t-o-f-u Creative Design UNIT Car Name: “Space Racer” Racer: Taku Yada

Space Racer is a futuristic yet “friendly” race car modeled on Autodesk Alias and finalized for 3D Printing with Materialise Magics. The body was then 3D printed in prime gray through i.materialise, Materialise’s online 3D printing service, and spray-painted in this metallic color. The black parts that connect the wheels are 3D printed in the flexible rubber-like material, TPU 92A-1.

Manuel Aydt Pearl

Most Original Design Overall Championship Winner

Company: crosscreative Designstudio Car Name: “CC-JetRacer” Racer: Manuel Aydt

Fastest Lap

Company: CNC Speedform Car Name: “Pearl” Racer: Marcel Haase aka “Sea Hunter”

Manuel Aydt was inspired by the dynamic forces not only by design but also by really change the shape by the acting forces e.g. centrifugal force. The potential of Additive Manufacturing methods are perfect to create kinematic models. The result is a combination of a race car and a JetFighter – the “CC-JetRacer". "Pearl" is a scale model based on a CNC employee’s very own sailboat (a Neptun 25). The ship was digitized in-house and designed in 3D by the owner of the sailboat itself in Materialise Magics 18.02.


The ballot box for the Crowd’s Favorite award

People looking at the designs and picking their favorite

We had races throughout the world: Japan, Czech Republic, USA and Germany. But unfortunately, every story comes to an end and so do the Slot Car Championships. We hope you enjoyed the designing, racing, cheering and networking and we hope to see you again in 2015 for some more fun events!


See highlights from the Slot Car race at EuroMold in our video below:

Thanks again to everyone who participated the race at EuroMold. Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned about our 2015 activities!


A final farewell from the Materialise slot car team at Euromold: Vanessa, Paolo and his film crew, and myself.