Stef Thulie May 21, 2019

When going from concept to car, every second of the production process counts. RapidFit wants to help you reach this finish line faster by automating your parts-measurement process. Curious whether moving to laser checking fixtures is right for you? Try our RapidFit calculator and take the guess work out of determining your cost savings and efficiency gains from making the switch.

The buzz was palpable at the RapidFit booth at this year’s Control trade show, held May 7–10 in Stuttgart, Germany, where we issued a challenge to attendees to race against the clock and face off against their peers in a real-time competition using our new laser checking fixture. Visitors enjoyed the chance to experience the speed of measuring and calculate their return on investment, and all contestants walked away with fresh ideas on quality control and a free bottle of Belgian beer!

Couldn’t make it to Control this year? Not to worry – while you can’t compete against your peers, our calculator is always available for free online to help you see how laser checking fixtures can add value to your production and quality workflow.


The More You Measure, The Higher the Advantage

Manual measurements of car parts and components can be a time-consuming part of the quality assurance process. To help improve this process, RapidFit has created a modular laser checking solution to improve efficiency and reduce the chance of mistakes.

Laser checking fixtures allow you to measure more parts faster thanks to increased efficiency – the measurement time per part can be reduced from minutes to just seconds, freeing up time to perform more frequent checks, and reducing production failure rates in the process. But this can feel like risky speculation unless applied to your specific production environment. That’s why RapidFit has created a simulator to help you calculate the potential return on investment of moving to a modular laser checking system.




Using cost estimates and production details specific to your business, the RapidFit simulator provides you with an estimate of the potential gains in production efficiency, operational savings, and profits for switching to laser checking for a given part. Try it out for different parts and you’ll see how quickly the value of this switch can add up. The more you measure, the greater the savings, and higher the profit.

We know that measuring more can only be achieved if it is economically sustainable. By automating these measures, RapidFit reduces the pressures that prevent manufacturers from measuring more. Depending how many positions on a part need to be measured, up to 15 times the number of measurements can be completed using RapidFit in the same amount of time it currently takes to manually check a part. This ability to measure more in less time also means that production process failures can be detected earlier. By reducing the batch sizes in between two measurements, manufacturers can potentially reduce the number of parts that need to be scrapped.


From Concept to Car

The automotive industry is under tremendous pressure to deliver. New models are being introduced at a more rapid pace than ever before as a result of technological innovations and the shift to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles such as hybrids or electric. The ability to innovate while also producing an exciting new vehicle on a timeline that captures the demands and imagination of the marketplace ahead of the competition can be extremely challenging. Materialise and RapidFit have been working to overcome the limitations that prevent automotive suppliers from meeting these demands by ensuring that advanced technology like laser checking can be easily integrated as an end-to-end solution with our other automated production workflow tools.




Our ultimate goal is to take you from concept to car, and to do that, you need repeatability, reliability, consistency, and a partner that works on tackling issues and problem solving with you. RapidFit’s modular solutions for inspection fixtures, production jigs, and cubes take advantage of software-driven automation and the on-demand capabilities of 3D printing to ensure everything is customized to your specific workflow.

As a specialized automotive tooling manufacturer, improving the value chain in the vehicle production process is our number one goal. We get excited when you design with big ideas in mind, and big ideas shouldn’t be held back because of cost or technology.


Automated Quality Control Is Now

Want to learn more about the RapidFit simulator and how laser checking can radically change your business? We challenge you to try your own race against the clock and see just how high your potential return on investment could be. Game on!

For more details on your results, include your email at the end of the simulation for an in-depth, personalized report.


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