Radhika Dhuru June 20, 2016

Hoet Design Studio’s Cabrio G, a collection of custom sunglasses for design lovers, comes from a unique inspiration: luxury cars. The prototype of Cabrio G was unveiled at the Brussels Expo 2016, in the company of the Rolls-Royce and McLaren cars that had inspired it. Now that the newest Cabrio collection has just hit stores, take a look at what happens when inspired design meets innovative manufacturing.


Luxury Cars, Luxury Eyewear — and Luxura

For Bieke Hoet, the creative force behind Hoet Design Studio, product design is all about the interplay between three factors: material, form and technology.

“The Cabrio collection differentiates itself by the use of new materials and techniques. This creates endless freedom for design and style.”
Bieke Hoet, Hoet Design Studio

And that’s endless freedom to express your inspiration when 3D Printing ensures that your design is not restricted by the costs of molds or the difficulty of milling sheet metal. “For designers who are just starting off in 3D Printing, I often advise eliminating sheet metal or any other production starting from sheets,” Bieke adds. “Start to think like nature. How the material can grow in any direction keeping in mind the different material properties.”

That sentiment is clear in the new Cabrio frames, whose sleek forms were inspired by the fluid, aerodynamic lines of luxury Rolls Royce cars. And it’s not all about aesthetics: the Cabrio collection features flexible hinges and the world’s first 3D-printed adjustable temple system, an innovation with the potential to forever raise the degree of comfort you expect from your glasses.

Cabrio Collection by Hoet Design Studio
Cabrio Collection by Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio Collection by Hoet Design Studio

After being 3D-printed in a certified additive manufacturing environment — with strictly monitored standards for the eyewear industry’s exacting requirements — the Cabrio frames are given the Materialise Luxura treatment. Luxura, a new finishing degree, was launched earlier this year with the intention of catering solely to the 3D-printed wearables market.

At Materialise, the Luxura finish — as well as the Cabrio collection itself — is one of the success stories behind a working process that we call co-creation; a process that is at the core of the Materialise philosophy.

“Co-creation is a crucial journey that starts with designers and engineers bringing their respective competencies to the table, and along the way discover products that would have been unthinkable with the skillsets of any one group alone.”
Alireza Parandian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables

The Cabrio Collection is available at Hoet Eyewear Shops in Belgium and at select independently-owned optical shops worldwide. Click here to find the shop nearest you.

All images by Negin Sadeghi