Radhika Dhuru October 2, 2015

When French TV program M6 Turbo – a long-running show dedicated to the latest news in the automotive world – wanted to showcase PEUGEOT’s new FRACTAL concept car with 3D-printed interiors, they needed to show their viewers some visuals of how these parts were made and what 3D Printing actually looks like. So they decided to come over, and we were happy to show M6 Turbo around the 3D Printing production floor at Materialise HQ: Europe’s largest single-site factory for Additive Manufacturing. Take a look!

The 3D-printed interiors of the PEUGEOT FRACTAL concept car. Image courtesy of PEUGEOT.
The 3D-printed interiors of the PEUGEOT FRACTAL, designed to enhance the sound system experience.

The new PEUGEOT FRACTAL concept car is a fully electric urban coupé that envisions what city cars in 2020 and beyond could look like – and sound like. The interior comprises some very complex shapes that create an anechoic area, designed to minimize echoes and block out external sounds, in order to enhance the experience of the car’s innovative sound system. The shapes in the car’s interior trim which make it anechoic could only be created with 3D Printing. More than 80% of the car’s interior trim surface is represented by 3D-printed parts. Besides the engineering and design freedom that Additive Manufacturing offers, 3D Printing allows you to make parts much lighter and more efficient as well, as Materialise’s rapid prototyping team was happy to demonstrate. To show M6 Turbo viewers what 3D Printing looks like behind the scenes, they paid a visit to our production areas. We showed them around our laser sintering room, our home-grown Mammoth Stereolithography machines, and our finishing processes. If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a look at what things really look like when they come out of a 3D printer, M6 Turbo is about to show you. Enjoy this show of M6 Turbo and the wild ride of imagination which the PEUGEOT FRACTAL is sure to take you on. Keep an eye out for a trip to Materialise at 41:20 onwards.


All images courtesy of PEUGEOT.

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