Charlotte Delaere March 21, 2014

Materialise is delighted to have received a Slot Car Championship submission from Formula Group T, the electronic race team of the new faculty of industrial sciences at KU Leuven.


Group T Team


The group of 22 students were given 9 months to completely design a fully electric race car, which will be finished in May. Sharing the same name as the month of their graduation, June, this car will compete in this summer’s Formula Student Competition. But after they saw the Slot Car Championship on Materialise’s Facebook page, they decided to make a pit stop and enter their design for a race of a smaller scale.


Miniature June Slot Care
Formula Group T's minature June Slot Car

The team sent in to receive a kit, and after the team adapted the design to fit on the slot car chassis, they sent their 3D files to Materialise and received a 3D printed epoxy version of their car the next day.

Bram op 't Roodt -  Team Manager
Bram op 't Roodt - Team Manager

Bram op’t Roodt, the student team manager of the group, was very excited to see June as a slot car. When interviewed by our very own Charlotte Delaere, he said,


“During the design presentation, the attendees were very enthusiast about seeing the June in miniature.  They were happy to see June already in 'real’ life.”

The group also has some ideas about what they would like to 3D print on the road version of the June car. Aiming to be in the top 20 worldwide, they would like to print the steering wheel, housing for the taillight and parts of the car hood. We wish the students the best of luck as they race towards the finish line with both their slot car and full size models of the June!


3D render of June