Madeleine Fiello November 19, 2019

This month, AM users are celebrating the launch of the fastest version of Magics yet, Magics 24. The objective of this version is to speed up numerous data and build preparation processes so that parts can be built quicker and more efficiently. “Our goal was to ensure that the workflow of all of our users speeds up and becomes more streamlined,” explains Market Solution Architect Karel Reynders. “We really wanted to focus on improving the entire AM process.”

With numerous new improvements, updates, and features added to this latest version of Magics, there are a plethora of ways that users can enjoy accelerated productivity. In our beta program, a heterogeneous group of about 60 companies began testing out our new and improved features, including a number of large industry players listed in the Fortune Global 500. Our beta testers are already enjoying the results so far and shared their thoughts on the reliability and speed of this new upgrade with us. Zdeněk Kalvoda of ZF Engineering Plzeň, 3D Metal Printing explains, “No matter if the tool is large or small, the new Magics 24 features greatly improve my workflow. Thanks to the elements working hard in the background, Magics 24 is more agile and productive now.”

So, what exactly are the features impressing beta testers with their speed?


Magics 24 drastically improves AM productivity with faster-than-ever functions.


1. Convenient Transfer Support

The tool impressing beta testers the most so far is Transfer Support — 29% considered it to be the best feature. With the help of this new function, there’s no need to redo support structures with each change in a part’s design. Now, this tool can automatically transfer support structures from similar parts, speeding up the preparation of multiple design iterations. Thanks to these conveniently transferred supports, it’s no longer necessary to recreate all supports from scratch for any changes in design — saving users from redoing work and wasting time.


Support structures such as these can be relocated quickly with Transfer Support.


2. Improved nesting features

Two other major improvements in the value of the updated software are the addition of the Bounding Box Nester and the enhanced 3D Nester. The new Bounder Box Nester tool is the best of its kind and assists users with obtaining better results in the blink of an eye. Ideal for builds containing many small parts, this feature can even nest thousands of parts in a millisecond.

If a project calls for the capabilities of the 3D Nester, rest assured that significant developments have been made to this feature as well to make sintering quicker and easier. In fact, this tool is up to 30 times faster with the new update. “I couldn’t believe how much faster the team made the 3D Nester,” admits Karel. “I was blown away.” Swift operations such as these mean that there’s more time to optimize parts for printing. Not only will projects be completed quicker, but results will be superior and costs will be saved thanks to less preparation time as well.



3. Performance improvements

More than half of all processes within the software utilize the Boolean operation in order to function, so improving this operation in Magics 24 means impressive advancements throughout the entire software. These types of features are now up to 3 times faster thanks to the latest upgrade, including the ShrinkWrap and hollow tools. According to a beta user from SOLIZE Products Co., the speed is remarkable. “The hollow operation, which used to take longer than three minutes, is now complete in less than 20 seconds with Magics 24,” says the tester. “We were impressed that we could improve our productivity significantly and reduce the stress of waiting.” Tools such as these benefit the user by reducing errors and material use, therefore decreasing costs. Another tester from Taisei Co. shares, “The processing speed of ShrinkWrap is surprisingly fast. So fast, that I smiled every time I used it.”


“So fast, that I smiled every time I used it.”
– Ms. Minori Okimura, Taisei Co.


4. Brand-new Chamfer tool

According to the feedback from customers, one of the most-requested features for Magics is a tool to create chamfer edges. With Magics 24, this is now a possibility. No longer will users need to transfer designs back to the CAD phase in order to avoid the creation of sharp corners — this ability is now available for manufacturers to use during the data preparation step. If you’ve experienced problems with heat buildup and warpage of sharp corners, the Chamfer tool is an easy way to reduce these issues. Testers have found an improved pace in workflow by continuing with the files on their own without interruption.


5. STEP file preservation

Beta testers agree that STEP file preservation is another aspect of Magics 24 which significantly speeds up their workflows. This new function automatically aligns your STEP file with changes made throughout the data and build preparation stages in Magics, specifically the orientation and positioning of parts. If you’re a professional utilizing Metal 3D Printing, this feature will be especially useful for you to retain STEP file information for CNC post-processing. Similarly to Transfer Support, it enables users to carry out their workflow without interruptions to align repositioned parts with the STEP file data.

These major features provide huge speed boosts, but they aren’t the only new additions improving user functionality. Beta testers have also expressed their satisfaction with more minor updates, such as names of view visualized in the View Cube. Whether users are from service bureaus and benefit most from our 3D Nester and performance improvements or they’re manufacturing designers enjoying Transfer Support, there are lightning-fast upgrades that are already improving everyone’s workflows.

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