Radhika Dhuru October 17, 2017

Italian eyewear powerhouse Safilo is the force behind globally renowned names in eyewear, with a portfolio encompassing Dior, Fendi, Elie Saab and more. This year, Safilo partnered with us to bring 3D printed glasses to the avant-garde OXYDO SS 2017 collection, creating an all-new interpretation of the Italian fashion aesthetic.

So you already know that 3D Printing has an exceptional ability to produce lightweight structures, a feature that has already been used across industries for functionality and aesthetics. OXYDO uses this lightweight characteristic to mold the vision of tomorrow, resulting in frames that derive from the deep connection with the world of art, and taking OXYDO eyewear into the realm of wearable sculptures.

These ultra-modern silhouettes, achievable only through 3D Printing, are produced at Materialise’s Certified Additive Manufacturing facility and given the multi-step Materialise Luxura post-production treatment.

OXYDO SS eyewear in blue turquoise

By giving classic eyewear styles like round and cat-eye shapes a uniquely ultra-modern spin with 3D-printed silhouettes, the OXYDO Capsule Collection 2017 offers a disruptive, contemporary and sophisticated take on the famed Italian fashion aesthetic.

New York-based artist Francis Bitonti, who collaborated with OXYDO for design, says,

“We focused on leveraging the capabilities of 3D Printing to produce very fine ornamentation while keeping a very minimal silhouette. We were interested in how the next generation of ornamentation might look.”

OXYDO SS eyewear
OXYDO SS eyewear in red

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