Catheter Training with Pulsating 3D-Printed Hearts

Julia Kern
January 06, 2022

There is no realistic training simulation training set-up for catheter procedures for children's hearts nor for congenital heart defects. Pulsating 3D-printed hearts using Mimics Innovation Suite could be the answer to address this need.

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3D Printing Trend for 2022: The Increasing Relevance of Smart Data in 3D Printing

Kristof Sehmke, Bram Smits
December 16, 2021

A more integrated production environment enabling greater efficiency, repeatability, scale, and control is gradually appearing on the horizon. However, one common but important element connects traditional and additive manufacturing: the use of data. In our round table, we discuss the role and significance of data in additive manufacturing (AM) with some of the finest minds in the industry to peer into the future of AM.

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Personalized Patient Care in Veterinary Neurology Becomes a Reality Thanks to 3D Printing

Julia Kern
December 09, 2021

Personalized patient care is a reality in neurosurgery thanks to 3D printing. In this blog, we spoke to Dr. Julien Guevar, veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon at the University of Bern, Switzerland, to discover why AM is changing the face of veterinary medicine.

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Best of Both Worlds: File Preparation with CAD and Mesh Using Magics

Lieve Boeykens
December 07, 2021

We’re settling the discussion on whether CAD or mesh is better. The truth is, both are necessary for an optimal file preparation workflow. See how we plan to integrate both into our software solution: Materialise Magics.

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AM Innovation from Within: Why a Transformation in Your Process Can Be More Powerful than Changing Your Product

Mathieu Cornelis
December 01, 2021

Where does additive manufacturing fit into process innovation? This article highlights three significant opportunities where companies can turn to this technology to transform their production lines. 

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Reducing Costs on Production Lines with Additive Manufacturing

Mathieu Cornelis
November 30, 2021

Additive manufacturing (AM) can majorly reduce costs within production lines, but are you considering the right opportunities to achieve this? Even the smallest adjustment with AM can make a significant difference. 

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? How AM Can Reduce Risk in Your Manufacturing Set-Up

Mathieu Cornelis
November 29, 2021

As a manufacturer, you frequently encounter risks to your production, but AM can be the hero. Discover how the technology enabled CNH Industrial to avoid risks linked to COVID-19 that could have resulted in losses of €189,000. 

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Finding the Sweet Spot by Designing for Additive Manufacturing

Clara Nguyen
November 25, 2021

Materialise engineers used their AM knowledge to efficiently transform an essential piece for marshmallow design - the nozzle - into something customized.

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How 3D Printing Made a Fullsize Model Airplane from World War II

Meadhbh Hand
November 24, 2021

To create a fullsize representation of a 1930s airplane, VLM turned to Materialise to 3D print and assemble the ghostlike model. The resulting centerpiece for an open air museum is elegant but robust enough to withstand winds of up to 100km/h.   

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4x More Efficient: How Mindware Experts Helped Scale 3D-Printed phits Orthotics

Kristel Van den Bergh
November 23, 2021

When the team behind phits was faced with growing demand, they needed to find a way to boost their productivity. That’s where our Mindware experts stepped in, using extensive AM knowledge to optimize their workflow and quadruple machine productivity. 

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