Vickneswaran Renganathan October 28, 2016

The workshop took place in September 2016 where over 50 specialists from Singapore and the surrounding region came together for a simulation-based training. The sessions generated greater awareness on the relevance and viability of Medical 3D Printing, and participants were presented with a clearer picture of the entire workflow.

surgical morphology workshop on congenital heart disease


Dr. Chen Ching Kit, consultant at the Cardiology Service of the KKH, who is also the Chairperson of the workshop said,

“The use of 3D prints for actual pediatric hearts facilitates the process of learning and understanding congenital heart disease among doctors as well as resident physicians in the hospital. While it is ideal for doctors to learn by examining pathology specimens, such specimens may not always be readily available. A 3D-printed heart model of a real patient’s heart thus provides a very good alternative for simulation-based training.”


surgical morphology workshop - 3D-printed heart models of congenital heart disease

“There was great interest and knowledge-sharing throughout the two-day workshop, and the hands-on sessions conducted with Materialise 3D-printed heart models has changed the perception on 3D Printing among surgeons who were initially skeptical in the usage and values it might bring,”

  said Vickneswaran Renganathan, Business Development Manager, Materialise.

Medical 3D Printing is growing in Asia and more hospitals are beginning to realize the value of 3D anatomical models in helping simulations and evaluations for customized treatment. Find out more on how to implement 3D Printing in your hospital by watching this webinar, or contact us today.

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