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Art Meets Technology in the New Hoet Cabrio SX Eyewear

“Innovation is my mission statement,” says Bieke Hoet, owner of the Hoet Design Studio. And you can see it in her latest collection of 3D-printed eyewear frames: Hoet Cabrio SX, launched at Silmo 2016. Designed in collaboration with the Belgian indie pop duo SX, this striking new collection features a radically new approach to eyewear design. Out with pinched angles and unflattering edges, in with organic design and fluid lines. Meet Cabrio SX, the newest work of art in the long-running partnership between Hoet Design Studio and Materialise.

The Frames: Hoet Cabrio SX

The Cabrio SX collection includes both men’s and women’s frames, for glasses and sunglasses. The undulating lines of the frame offset a contrast between cold, polished metal and smooth, matte polyamide: a combination that gives the collection its hybrid appeal. Soft angles in the lenses and a dip in the nose bridge lend the frame a delicate elegance, in both its black and red color choices.

In addition, a special limited-edition design was created for SX’s latest music video. This design takes the theme of fluid lines even further, eliminating sharp edges in favor of a distinctive curved temple that grows out of the bridge and flows around the contours of the head to rest behind the ears.

Inspirations: Designing Art-Wear

It’s also the result of years of expertise built up between Hoet and Materialise, who have together taken 3D-printed eyewear from the realm of the exclusive into its present reality of serial production.As a unique hybrid design featuring plastics and metals in a single frame, Cabrio SX takes 3D-printed eyewear to the next level in aesthetics and redefines what the technology can do for today’s eyewear market. It’s unmistakably Hoet, the expression of an entire innovation-oriented brand identity.

For Bieke Hoet, with her passion for innovation, the journey into 3D Printing has been exceptionally enriching.


For me, design starts with nature; how you use a material and expand its potential in any direction with respect to its material properties. I work with 3D Printing, combining new technologies and new materials, because I believe it not only offers new possibilities in eyewear design but is a game changer that affects the complete business.
Bieke Hoet, Hoet Design Studio

If 3D Printing is broadening the horizons of the eyewear industry, eyewear is also pushing the boundaries of what 3D Printing is capable of. “Cabrio SX takes the quality of additive manufactured eyewear to the next level,” says Alireza Parandian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables at Materialise.

Cabrio SX Collection by Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio SX Collection by Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio SX Collection by Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio SX Collection by Hoet Design Studio


Every single frame that leaves our factory has had the Materialise Luxura treatment for aesthetics and performance. It’s the perfect marriage of high technology and artistic workmanship.
Alireza Parandian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables

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