Natalie Simpson February 22, 2018

Scandinavian minimalism never had trouble looking good. And now thanks to Ørgreen and Yuniku, it can help you see better too. Last October, Copenhagen-based designer eyewear brand Ørgreen joined the Yuniku customization platform co-created by Materialise and HOYA Vision Care. This weekend, at MIDO in Milan Ørgreen will showcase their Ørgreen+Yuniku collection through a unique art installation by Gamfratesi Design Studio that gave their minimalist style an abstract twist.

Ørgreen display created by Gamfratesi Design Studio
Ørgreen display created by Gamfratesi Design Studio

The ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ installation takes inspiration from Picasso’s asymmetrical portraits, translated in the form of 12 elegant, abstract heads. Each one of the deconstructed heads carries the name of a Picasso portrait and is paired with a complementary ØRGREEN+YUNIKU frame.

The installation was first revealed at Ørgreen’s flagship store in Copenhagen earlier this month for the launch of the stores YUNIKU 3D scanner, the first eyewear store in Scandinavia to carry a YUNIKU machine.

“With Yuniku, we gave the world vision-centric, better-performing eyewear. But we don’t want to stop at functional: eyewear is just as much about form as it is about function.”
Alireza Parandian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables

Eyewear by Ørgreen

Alireza explains his goal is for Yuniku to celebrate eyewear users’ diversity of styles and aesthetics while offering them the best performance. “The idea behind making Yuniku an open platform was to welcome diversity in design. This platform is a game-changer for eyewear performance. We want that game-changing performance to be available to people of different tastes, we want them to be able to find vision-centric eyewear that also speaks to their aesthetics. The entry of Ørgreen offers Yuniku customers a new, minimalist chic aesthetic.”

Building Simplicity

For Ørgreen, clean lines and understated elegance are at the heart of their aesthetic.

“The frames are the focal point; we want the beauty of the design itself to shine through without any distractions,” says Henrik Ørgreen. "This means that for Ørgreen’s style to work the manufacturing — the 3D printing and the finishing — need to be absolutely perfect to live up to the design,” adds Ørgreen.

The Ørgreen+Yuniku collection, featuring 12 models, will be on display at MIDO in Milan, 24,25,26th February on Hoya Lens Italy Booth, Pavilion 3 – Stand L01 M12.

Images courtesy of Ørgreen.