Elizabeth Boorman April 8, 2015
You may be a bit familiar with the Materialise World Conference (MWC) from our speaker spotlights series, but now we’ll give you the full 411 of what you can expect in Brussels in just a few weeks.
The MWC 2015 in a Nutshell This year’s MWC, which coincides with our 25th anniversary, welcomes all the world's leading thinkers and doers involved in 3D printing, from clinical, to biomedical, to industrial, to consumer applications, to meet and exchange ideas of how 3D Printing can make a difference in their communities by creating a better and healthier world. At the MWC, participants and attendees will be given the unique opportunity to learn about what 3D printing offers and how it is improving lives around the globe. In addition to being sponsored by the leading players in the industry, including EOS, Stratasys and HP, the MWC will also bring together the greatest minds in 3D printing to tell their stories, share their visions and foster further innovation across four different summits that focus on where the technology is in highest demand. The MWC will kick-off with dynamic keynote speakers including:
Mimics® Innovation Summit The Mimics Innovation Summit will inspire attendees through presentations covering the most cutting edge applications and cases, presented by renowned biomedical engineers, academics and clinicians. With a central theme of engineering on anatomy and 3D printing for research and medical communities, attendees will be given the unique opportunity to connect with these industry leaders and share their work with other attendees from around the world. Become a part of the Mimics Innovation Summit and experience a community of innovators who make 3D printing relevant for the biomedical applications of tomorrow. Speakers for this summit include: The full speakers list for the Mimics Innovation Summit can be viewed here.
Additive Manufacturing Summit 3D printing has transformed the way businesses run today. This has inspired professionals from all kinds of industries to push the boundaries of 3D printing and rethink many of the complex problems they face. In the Additive Manufacturing Summit, attendees will learn about how Additive Manufacturing can bring solutions to their specific fields of expertise as well as its challenges and potential for the future. Speakers for this summit include: The full speakers list for this summit can be viewed here.
Co-Engineering the Future of Healthcare Medical professionals and the medical industry share the same journey: providing the best care for patients. From orthopaedics, craniomaxillofacial, and beyond, 3D printing technologies have opened the latest chapter in this journey, offering a wide array of new possibilities. In the Co-Engineering for the Future of Healthcare Summit, attendees will learn where 3D planning and 3D printing stand in the midst of all this groundbreaking innovation. Whether it’s determining what their position will be in the quest to provide safer and better solutions for all patients, or what its added value for current and future medical applications are or will evolve to, attendees will find the answers at the Co-Engineering for the Future of Healthcare Summit. Speakers for this summit include: The full speakers list for this summit can be viewed here.
3D Printing Brought to You 3D printing brings your virtual designs to real life. In our 3D Printing Brought to You Summit, attendees are given inspiration and the technical know-how to turn their ideas into 3D-printed reality. Whether you're a novice, a 3D printing design start-up, or an established business looking to venture into 3D printing for customizable products, this two-day program has something for everyone with an eye for design and a head full of ideas. Attendees will hear inspiring speakers who will illustrate how our i.materialise 3D printing services and solutions can add value in the realm of 3D printing consumer products, and see the designing in action as our top-notch experts guide you through an unparalleled creation experience.

Speakers for this summit include:

Miranda Bastijns, Director i.materialise and .MGX, Belgium
Frederik Bussels, 3D Designer, Pixel Depot, Belgium
3D printing technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it. At the 2015 Materialise World Conference, attendees will experience first-hand just how explosive this technology is and how it can play a substantial role in their own communities. With 4 summits in 1 conference, we guarantee our attendees are sure to leave full of ideas and inspired to create meaningful innovations through 3D printing. Still need a ticket to the Materialise World Conference? Register today!