Kirsten Van Praet April 6, 2017

Last year, we opened a 3D Printing Centre of Excellence in Malaysia for DLP 3D printing technologies. This competence center focuses on improving the functionality of our software suite, the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, for the benefit of end-users working with DLP 3D printers. The competence center develops new 3D printing applications and prepares 3D printing applications for resin-based bottom-up machines.

Bottom-up technology refers to both Stereolithography and DLP printing. In the case of SL bottom-up printing, a laser beam solidifies points and lines according to the scanning strategy. In the case of DLP printing, an entire image is projected onto each layer. The advantage of bottom-up technology is that you only need a shallow vat of resin, so less material is wasted and your costs are lower.

Sherhryar Khan, Application Engineer at the DLP Competence Centre in Malaysia, measured the impact of our support generation software for bottom-up technology and shares the result of the DLP knowledge center with you.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) and bottom-up Stereolithography are technologies ideal for dental and jewelry applications, but also bring specific challenges. Gravity can deform the part and lateral pressure from the resin-filled blade can damage it. So if you want to avoid build failures, you need support structure that can withstand these forces.

With Materialise e-Stage for bottom-up, software that automatically generates support structures, the team in Malaysia could on average reduce:

  • Material consumption by 61%
  • Slicing time by 46%
  • Printing time by 20%
  • Support removal time by almost 80%
Jewelry printed with DLP technology

Jewelry printed with DLP technology

Many 3D printer OEMs trust us as their software partner and play a role in the competence center through research collaboration. Envisiontec, DWS, Formlabs, Carbon 3D, Asiga are only a few examples of 3D printers that are compatible with Materialise e-Stage software.

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